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Pipefy allows you to take control and improve your work. We help doers deliver more results at:

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Bring structure, visibility and organization to your processes

This is how Pipefy can help you improve your department:

How Pipefy helps you be in control and deliver results

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Full Visibility

What’s the status? Easily organize and get visibility on everything that is going on in your department.

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Centralized Work

Keep everything in one place so you don’t have to go back and forth on emails and spreadsheets.

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Structured Collaboration

Make decisions with your team and enable people to work together with full context on what’s happening.

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Audit Log

Work management uses connections and automations to change a delayed order to high priority and urgent category.

Connections and Automations

While everyone is just talking about breaking silos, Pipefy actually helps you connect people, processes and systems.

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SLA and Process Improvement

Easily discover – and eliminate – your bottlenecks and know what is getting in the way of exceeding your goals.

Ease the pain of unstructured work

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Inefficient processes

Siloed, unorganized, inconsistent, unpredictable

Diagram shows an efficient process

Efficient processes

Visible, centralized, co-ordinated, measurable

Pipefy developers' platform

For IT teams, Developers
and Enterprise customers

Pipefy plays nice with your IT infrastructure and with
your default Enterprise Work Management platform.


Private Deployments
Audit Log

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Chris Bennett, Digital Communications Manager.

“Pipefy allows us to easily see exactly what we are working on, allowing us to streamline our work and save time.”

— Chris Bennett

Digital Communications Manager

Cristiano Machado, CEO.

“Ease of use interface and the possibility to create my process management the way I need with no IT guy.”

— Cristiano Machado


Torey Heinz, Founder.

“Pipefy has become my go to solution for all my clients when it comes to managing just about anything.”

— Torey Heinz


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