10 Reasons why you should use Pipefy


I've decided to play it safe and instead of giving you one good reason to use Pipefy, I'll give you ten good reasons. Check it out!

It’s normally enough when someone gives you one good reason to use something but I’ve decided to play it safe and give you not one, but ten good reasons why you should use Pipefy.

1. Way beyond task management

Pipefy is not just a task/project management app.

Sure, it can be used for that too but, to explain why is this relevant, let’s first consider this comparison between processes and projects/tasks:

  • Projects/tasks are finite. They have a beginning and an end.
  • Processes are cyclic. Each process has its own rules and execution standards.

When managing your tasks, there isn’t really an execution standard. Each task has its unique information and steps to be followed. Task management apps, especially those that use a kanban visualization, come with 3 pre-defined columns: to do, doing and done.

Managing processes goes a little beyond that. If you use Pipefy you can build your processes to suit your exact needs, adding as many phases, fields and instructions as you need.

2. Stop being scared of process management

Processes are everywhere. If you’re quietly thinking your company is too small to have processes, guess again. Process management can sound pretty scary, especially if you think about flowcharts, BPMN or standard operational procedures.

Pipefy’s approach simplifies process management in such a way that anyone can understand it to create and manage their own processes without any technical expertise whatsoever.

3. Be more organized

Let me tell you a secret: I’m not an organized person. If you take a quick look at my workstation (or my wardrobe) you’d know that. After I started working here at Pipefy and realized that it makes all the difference when organizing my activities.

I currently work together with many departments here, such as design and development and, by making my own pipe’s public form available to everyone, I can always keep track of my tasks in a single place.

Also, the late, expired and overdue alerts are a blessing: by receiving email notifications every time one of my cards passes its due date or stays too long within a phase, I can prioritize and make the best out of my time.

4. Customize it to your needs

Pipefy offers dozens of pre-designed amazing process templates that are great to help you understand your own processes. However, considering that each company’s processes are unique, we couldn’t just offer a pre-designed structure that couldn’t be adapted.

With Pipefy’s customization capabilities you’re able to tailor your own processes to your exact needs, from the number of phases to the fields and instructions within them.

5. Do it yourself

As mentioned above, Pipefy is completely customizable to your needs and, the best thing about this is that you can do this customization yourself, without technical expertise or help from consultants or the IT department. Sounds too good to be truth? Well, it’s not! [spacing margin=”10″]

Pipefy was specially developed to allow managers to build, modify and manage their own processes without external help.

Forget waiting weeks for your development team to make time to do the adjustments to your ERP you’ve asked. Using Pipefy means taking control of your processes into your own hands.

6. Save time (and money)

Not only is Pipefy perfectly customizable to your needs, it also offers amazing features that’ll allow you to save precious time.

One example of those features is Pipefy’s Email Templates feature. With it you can create pre-designed email templates to be sent from specific phases of your process.

Don’t you wish you could automate boring, repetitive tasks such as sending your customers updates on their order status? The email templates allow you to do that! Not only will you save time but you’ll also lessen your risk of human error, which is normally pretty high for these repetitive tasks.

7. See the big picture

Managing a team can be hard work, especially if you don’t have the necessary tools available to help you do that. How great would that be if there was a tool you could use to manage all your team’s tasks?

Also, wouldn’t it be even greater if you could find out what everyone’s doing simply by filtering the tasks by the assignee? Well, you know what I’m about to say, right?

Pipefy allows you to do just that, making you and your employee’s life a lot easier and more organized.

8. Centralize your information

Pipefy offers a feature called a database that allows you to create tables with information, such as your employees, customers or suppliers database.

This awesome feature also allows you to use the records on a table with a special kind of field that allows users to either create new records to the database, search through the existing ones or both.

This is especially useful when trying to figure out the total amount of reimbursements asked by a certain employee or how many of your customers buy product X or Y.

9. One app to rule them all

Time to be honest: how many times did you get lost in the tangle of apps and email threads you use to manage your internal task and processes? My guess is more than a couple of times. That’s ok, it’s happened to the best of us.

If you decide to use Pipefy, though, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Pipefy allows you to run all your company’s processes in a single platform.

Also, it offers a way for you to easily integrate Pipefy with over 500 apps (via Zapier) so that you can centralize your operations making sure your information is always updated and available when you need it.

10. That feeling you get when you move a card to “done”

Finishing an activity by moving a card to “done” is as rewarding as it gets. The accomplishment feeling of finishing a particularly tricky task or closing a deal with a customer is amazing. It’s (almost) as good as chocolate.

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