5 Reasons Why Top Talents Leave Their Jobs

Kurt Walker

While it is normal for the organizations to refer to clients as carriers of the enterprise, the top talents often constitute the powerhouse. When they seek to leave their workplaces, it is often due to some factors. This article succinctly appraises the reasons top talents eventually call it a quit.

Internal politics

Do you know why some employees make corporate life their all? Some of them loathe politics with a passion. However, wherever there is the need to administer people, you often find some presence of political maneuvers. But this should be kept to the barest minimum.

Whenever ill-will, vendetta, scheming, cheating, favoritism becomes the order of the day, many of your top talents who are ‘saints’ would give you just that reason they would love to move on. So, the managers should learn to manage affairs the ethical way in their offices to avoid the preventable loss of their hot-shot senior employees.

An absence of dialogue or open-mindedness

The lack of dialogue between aggrieved parties is another prime cause for a company recording backdoor losses of their best brains. It is very important for you to recognize that conflicts are a fundamental part of human relationships. It is only if humans would not interact that conflicts or discontentment or disagreements would be absolutely avoided.

Is this not the reason why many establishments have conflict management and resolution team which attends to perceived grievances of their workers? By keeping an open mind with the talents, the company shows that not only are they considerate but they are as well willing to be transparent in their dealings with their employees.

The company is going down

Top talents love to identify with success stories too. If your company is writing a bad tale already with sour annual reviews, disheartening external reports, bad records with regulatory institutions, qualms with law enforcement agencies, or low competition with counterpart firms, then many of your best and brightest talents might begin to consider leaving your place.

The best bet is to put in place efficient and effective management that would deliver positive results. This will encourage your top talents to stay and continue with you.

A company does not give due recognition

The recognition which the firm can give can come in so many forms. It can be in form of monetary reward. In fact, what attracts some talents who know their onions is the number of salaries, emoluments, basic allowances, that they are going to get when they eventually join your firm.

Top talents don’t go anywhere because the company needs them, they opt for your companies after they have passed series of interviews from counterpart firms and they decided to settle with yours with a view to offering their best, get recognized, improve their career potentials and make headway. So, if they have chosen to settle with your firm, you are lucky to have them around.

Because they know their worth, top talents love to be recognized. Now, many companies have the mindset that it is only high income that compensates for the efforts of their best brains. This is sometimes not so. Some love to get something more. It may be awards, nominations to strategic offices, timely promotions, partnership invites, and a friendly boss that affirms their value and boosts their pride.

As a good instance, if your worker does extra duties like assignment writing services along with his basic responsibilities in the office you may give him recognition for going the extra mile. Ordinarily, when people feel appreciated they tend to stay there and deliver than is expected.

No room for career progress or development

Another notable reason most top talents call it a quit at their places of work is the lack of career progress. The moment many of them find out that the company is only interested in milking them dry and that the company has no program as to how to improve their resource capabilities, many of these folks often find no option other than to leave.

Your executives who work at the human resource department should ensure they see to the side enhancement of the resourcefulness of their hires through training and re-training. Without this, it is often somewhat difficult to retain them. While the company retains them, they believe they should not unduly drain them.

And commonly, each reasonable talent who has a focus of where he is going in mind does not picture himself in a brick-and-mortar structure that houses them from dawn to dusk with nothing to show for it in terms of further learning and optimum professional knowledge and skills acquisition. That is the reason why you would discover many of them would rather settle down to offer freelance service to clients and undergo some training for a few months before embarking on their careers again.

So, when the company is reluctant to take concrete steps at ensuring their major hires receive adequate professional resources to further empower, they often leave the place.


A company that experiences constant withdrawal of its top talents is gradually heading for the rocks. Therefore, knowing the reasons why top talents leave their workplaces is essentially as important as the reasons you need to recruit them in the first place.

Unfortunately, while many companies do a lot in ensuring they recruit the best brains little is done to retain them. So, knowing these reasons would give you an edge as to how you should prevent such ugly incidence. Then, you can be sure to an extent that your company would thrive in line with your goals.


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Kurt Walker
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