How to Hire Top Talent: 2019 Strategies

Emily Anderson

The first thing you need to concentrate on in 2019 is cutting your own red tape and dramatically lowering your processing time. One of the biggest barriers to effective recruitment comes from within, and it revolves around bureaucracy dragging the hiring process out. Before trying out any of these 2019 strategies on how to hire top talent, look within your company and dramatically lower the time it takes from the first contact to a new recruit’s first day on the job.  

Employee Referral Programs Are Perfect For “Some” Businesses

Referral programs will typically work with jobs that are well paid but less desirable; so long as the company in question is not a massive national chain. For example, despite jobs in supermarkets and fast food restaurants being less desirable, they still have a healthy pool of people willing to work for them. On the other hand, there are call centers, slaughterhouses, and factories where recruitment companies are sending just about anybody because workers are hard to find. Just make sure the referral policy also comes with a ban on applications from people who quit the same job within the last 12 months to stop people trying to exploit the referral program.

Only Use Metrics as Change Indicators

According to James Melrose, an expert writer at Resume Writing Service Resumeble with 30+ years’ experience in recruitment, “Companies and employment agencies who try to use metrics to improve their recruitment process are fooling themselves.” People who have experience in HR will know that one recruitment worker with salesmanship can pull in so many people that it invalidates your micro metrics, (probably not your big data). Instead, use metrics to identify changes. For example, if your company just started selling the idea of a job to a new demographic, then check sources of hire metrics, offer acceptance statistics, talent pipeline growth metrics, and so forth to see if there is a noticeable change that you can l to your marketing/company direction.

Have Employees Post Comments On Glass Door

Savvy candidates will do a little research about your job before attending interviews. Most will do this in order to prepare for the interview because there is nothing worse than attending the interview and the HR exec says, “What do you know about this company?” and your only reply is “Durp.” With that in mind, some candidates do a little research on a company to see if it is a good place to work. Glass Door can bring people to you or drive them away depending upon what current and ex-employees say about the job. Just make sure to encourage a little honesty because even novice Internet users are starting to become experts at spotting fake reviews. Also, you may also like to take a tip from Pipefy and add a few photos of the inside of your offices/buildings to Glass Door so that potential candidates may see what it is like inside your company.

Finally, … Consider Not Changing

When recruitment numbers are down, HR departments and recruitment companies have a tendency to look for problems that do not exist. There are plenty of times during the year when people stop looking for jobs en masse. James Lighthill and Gerald Whitham once theorized that the physics of kinematic waves could be used to explain traffic flow (proved by Yuki Sugiyama), and you should think of recruitment numbers and cycles in the same terms. There are unpredictable peak and trough times that have no instigators, no triggers, no warnings, and no apparent reasons. Sometimes, it is best to keep doing what you are doing and ride out the slow spell than it is to try to create waves in a dry river.


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