UiPath + Pipefy: how RPA will boost your processes

RPA (Robotic process automation) helps business to streamline enterprise operations and reduce expenses, using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) generating an intelligent automation (IA). The main idea of RPA is to automate mundane jobs so that people doing these jobs can focus on doing things that have a higher value for the company all the while using the best tool made over the last few centuries: technology. It’s as simple as that. You can simply use an RPA company to create a robot that will do these mundane and repetitive tasks for you.

New cases attest the trend that RPA is here to stay. One of the main RPA market leaders is UiPath that just received a massive apport of $225 Million in their Series C led by Sequoia and CapitalG. The company was founded in Romania, in 2005, and is now based in New York making it to the #13 position of The Cloud 100 Forbes list, a list that has ranked the top private companies in cloud computing in 2018.

UiPath is the perfect gateway for transforming digital business operations through machine learning and AI. Daniel Dines, the CEO of UiPath, defines the company as a gateway for employees at every organization to “automate tedious and time-consuming work, enabling them to focus on creative, challenging problems.” The company already has over 1,500 business customers, including several government agencies. These customers use the UiPath’s Enterprise RPA platform to rapidly deploy software robots, with ensured compliance and an excellent customer experience across back-office and front-office operations. With UiPath you can take tedious and repetitive tasks, usually done by humans, out from your company to be done properly using RPA.

How to integrate UiPath with Pipefy?

Pipefy is a lean process-management tool. We can manage any process in our platform, without the need of any IT personnel through our no-code platform. Besides that, not only do we have over 500 process templates available you can customize to better fit your process needs but also we can build you one from scratch.

You can easily integrate UiPath to Pipefy to better manage your processes and workflows using our Kanban View. Through this integration you’ll be able to experience these benefits: create and move cards through your process phases, update data tables, generate advanced reports, create process automation and much much more!

To integrate is really simple, follow this steps: enter the UiPath Studio, then click in the package manager, use the right click and go to configure resources and add https://gallery.uipath.com/api/v2.

Sign up for Pipefy, integrate it with UiPath, and streamline and automate your processes!

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