Introducing Pipefy AI: Interview with CEO Alessio Alionço and CPO Sobhan Daliry

Pipefy recently announced the release of Pipefy AI, technology that integrates artificial intelligence with Pipefy’s no-code process automation platform. In order to better understand the vision behind Pipefy AI, as well as its capabilities, I asked Pipefy founder and CEO Alessio Alionço and Pipefy CPO Sobhan Daliry to share their perspectives on why now is the right time for Pipefy AI and what the impact will be for process management.

What is Pipefy AI, and what does it do? 

Alessio: Pipefy AI is the newest suite of features from Pipefy. It extends the capabilities of our process automation platform by augmenting them with OpenAI and GPT-4. Pipefy was already partnering with companies that incorporate AI in their software. Pipefy AI now applies AI capabilities directly to our process management software. 

Sobhan: I’d emphasize that Pipefy AI is not a single feature, it’s a series of features that are enabled by artificial intelligence. For example, Pipefy AI builds new processes and workflows faster than ever before, and automates many manual tasks. Users will also be able to do deep data analysis in seconds, simply by asking Pipefy AI questions about a process or workflow, about performance, or about specific KPIs and metrics. 

What is the driver behind Pipefy AI? 

Alessio: Pipefy AI is all about evolution. By combining process automation with AI, we are able to amplify process efficiency and give business leaders and their teams faster and easier access to their data, so they can make even better decisions. 

Pipefy AI can do this because of its ability to process vast amounts of data quickly to reveal new insights, identify trends, and uncover the root cause of a problem or opportunity. That’s what Pipefy AI does in a nutshell; it drives dramatic gains in process efficiency and enables better decision making than ever before. 

Sobhan: Pipefy is already speeding up processes, reducing errors, and eliminating manual work. The addition of AI magnifies those benefits and adds some new ones as well. Instead of just faster processes, business leaders can now aim for hyper efficiency — but it’s not just for business leaders. Pipefy AI is about helping every stakeholder optimize processes. 

Pipefy AI really takes the idea of no-code to a whole new level. Now anyone involved in a process can accomplish complex tasks in very little time. Think of how much work goes into data analysis, for example. By asking Pipefy AI for insights or metrics, managers and employees can produce useful insights in a matter of seconds. 

We are in a moment where AI seems to be everywhere. What sets Pipefy AI apart?

Alessio: Our focus is on using AI to solve the types of problems our customers face every day. Obstacles to efficiency, or the perennial issues with process structure and standardization. At the same time, Pipefy AI is also about enabling a deeper understanding of how processes and workflows are performing, and how teams are performing. Pipefy AI is about answering the questions that have to be asked in order to build business strategy and hit targets. 

So what sets Pipefy AI apart is that it helps everyone in the company make better decisions — every time, all the time.

Sobhan: Our goal is to deliver functionality right out of the box, so that’s one thing that’s distinct about us, and Pipefy AI starts making an impact as soon as it’s deployed. We believe that our adoption curve will be way above the benchmark. We are developing Pipefy AI for the regular user.

Who will benefit most from Pipefy AI? 

Sobhan: Business leaders, process managers, and practitioners will all benefit from Pipefy AI. That’s because it democratizes access to powerful tools, makes it easier to get the information and data needed to understand processes, and empowers them to make good business decisions. 

It’s also important to remember that Pipefy AI can be used in any type of business process, so teams like finance, HR, and IT will have plenty of opportunities to get value from adding AI to their processes. Whether the process is structured or unstructured, Pipefy AI will deliver more efficiency and visibility. 

Alessio: Business leaders stand to reap some crucial benefits from Pipefy AI. Other people in the company will see benefits too, but I think business leaders will especially feel the impact of this technology. 

I say that because business leaders have to ask the big strategic questions. Pipefy AI can give them the information they need very quickly, which means they can make decisions fast and with confidence. The better the questions, the more value Pipefy AI can deliver. 

What about security? 

Alessio: Our commitment to security is reflected in the development of Pipefy AI. Pipefy AI is built on GPT-4 through Microsoft Azure. We’ve limited the amount of data that’s shared, and that data is secured through Azure OpenAI. Only admins of a specific pipe can enable Pipefy AI, so there is control over who has access to the feature.

Sobhan: I’d also add that Pipefy AI is an extension of the Pipefy platform, which already meets the highest industry security standards. That includes certifications such as ISO, SOC2, as well as our adherence to GDPR and LGPD. In addition, we make sure that businesses have the tools to enforce their own internal governance and compliance requirements with features like permission management, SSO, and 2FA. 

Pipefy is committed to helping businesses maintain security and privacy standards at every turn, both by standardizing and structuring their processes and by ensuring that they have the tools they need to maintain their internal requirements. 

What’s next for Pipefy AI? 

Sobhan: We’ll continue to expand the functionality of Pipefy AI by powering up the current features and extending capabilities. The goal is to keep pace with the evolution of businesses and the processes they depend on. To that end, we are already working on ways to enable new types of analysis and build additional actions into the AI. 

At a higher level, our aim is to transform the whole guest experience, so that they can interact with workflows through smart conversational interfaces in ways they haven’t been able to do before. 

Alessio: What’s most exciting to me about the use of AI for process management is all the possibilities it opens up. Users are going to find new ways to solve legacy problems, with speed and ease that they’ve never seen before. I also think we are on the cusp of a new era of creative problem-solving and employee empowerment. AI is a huge leap forward for process automation and management. 

I’m extremely proud of the work we’ve done in developing Pipefy AI, but I know this is just the beginning for us. Pipefy AI will continue to evolve so that we can help businesses stay prepared for whatever the future holds. 

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