How can you combine Scrum and Kanban to be more effective

Scrum is a popular tool that is used to manage the delivery of new functions in order to enhance the overall efficiency of a particular work flow. While some may consider scrum to be a methodology, it’s actually an open framework that allows you total control over how you go about applying it.

On the other hand, kanban is a complementary framework which establishes rules that help teams fill in gaps that are often unattended to by scrum. If you want to maximize your agility, you may want to seriously consider combining the two frameworks to create what developers refer to as ScrumBan (yes, it is a combination of the names – and methodologies – of Scrum and Kanban). Doing so could put you in a position that saves time and increases the frameworks overall efficiency. As a matter of fact, you could look at it as a way to upgrade your scrum.

Combining Scrum and Kanban:


The first stage associated with the combination of scrum and kanban is specification. First, start off by setting WIP limits, defining work flow and making a plan. Once you have clearly set up the specifications, you will then be ready to execute them without disrupting the work flow.


Now that you have defined where it is you’re going, it’s time to execute your plan accordingly. If you choose to add a new column as a buffer, you could also increase the WIP limit by a small amount. As soon as you execute the ScrumBan, you will then be able to fill in all the gaps and determine areas that need tweaking.

When you are able to harness the organizational benefits provided by scrum along with the convenience of kanban, you will be set for workflow success. Although combining scrum and kanban to form ScrumBan is a good idea to improve effectiveness of the network, this combo method is typically recommended for distributed teams.

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