How is Kanban different from Scrum

Kanban or Scrum? When you’re looking to innovate your business and bring about collaboration between your employees to achieve the most efficiency, it is important to know the differences and similarities between the two principles. Both of these are commonly used developmental tools, but which one is the right fit for your business?

What’s the diference: Kanban vs. Scrum

Unlike Scrum, which works with pre-defined roles – such as Scrum master, product owner, and team members – Kanban has no defined roles. Instead of defining specific roles, it focuses on collaboration among team members in order to achieve a common goal or complete a task.

Kanban also thrives on continuous delivery, whereas Scrum uses Time-boxed sprints which encourages team members to complete tasks within a certain block of time.

In Kanban, there is a single piece flow where work is done one task at a time by many workers. In Scrum, the work is done in batches. Kanban also allows for a lot more flexibility of change. Changes can be made to work at any time because work tasks are pulled from the top of the work log leaving tasks underneath open to versatility. In Scrum, once a sprint has started, no changes are allowed.

The delivery process is calculated differently between the two principles as well. Kanban uses cycle time, which starts as work begins on a project and ends when the project is ready to be delivered. Scrum uses a pre-defined velocity system which is calculated by estimation of previously delivered works.

Finally, one of the most important differences in Kanban and Scrum is the environment where the principles are to be implemented. Kanban is better suited to operational environments with a high degree of variation in priority. Scrum is a better match for situations in which work can be prioritized in large batches and remain unchanged. Both systems are useful for managing your team and gaining higher levels of efficiency and production.

At the end of the day, however, Kanban and Scrum can be used together in order to improve your team’s efficiency: it’s up to you to identify the situations in which one of them is better or use them combined to boost productivity!

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