What are the main properties of Kanban

There are all kinds of methodologies that are said to enhance work flow and improve efficiency in the manufacturing or delivery process, but few compare to the kanban method.

Created by David J. Anderson, this unique approach has revolutionized how many businesses handle their day to day operations. If you have never heard of kanban, you are going to want to keep reading in order to discover these 5 main properties of this innovative method.

Main properties of the Kanban Method


You have to see where your going in order to get there, which is why kanban users benefit from being able to visualize the work flow. Generally, the most common method used by kanban teams to visualize their work flow are what are known as “card walls” with a column for each stage.

WIP Limits

Using kanban to limit work-in-progress gives you a clear understanding of the problems discovered with your work flow and what needs to be done in order to solve them.


If you are using kanban it’s because you want to create positive change and change can never occur without proper management. Kanban provides you with the vital information you need to adequately manage your team and the time cycle.


The visuals used in the kanban method allow every member of your team to define what needs to be done and in what order. This means that if a decision need to be made, there won’t be any misunderstandings or confusion.


When your team is on the same page, they will then be able to join together and work in a collaborative manner. After all, it helps foster creativity, improve efficiency and increase moral when the team is all striving toward to same goals.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of kanban after reading over the 5 main properties of this method as defined by its creator, David Anderson.

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