How can marketing help get you better qualified leads

better qualified leads

Do you know the difference between leads and qualified leads? If you’re like over half of the business leaders out there you probably don’t. Marketing your leads to improve quality by gaining qualified leads instead of a bloated rolodex of potential clients is the smart way to do business! This will save you time and money! So how do you improve the quality of leads?

What are Qualified Leads?

Well first off let’s explain the difference between qualified leads and a regular run of the mill contact. A contact is anyone your company has connected with via online form, email, social media, or yes, even in person *gasp* this person may or may not be interested or able to afford your product or services. A qualified lead is a person that holds a high interest with your company or product and intends to invest or buy within a set time frame and budget.

Quality leads can mean far different things according to the size and type of your business. A company that is charging allow recurring fee or deals in low cost products with a smaller overall profit to be made will want many qualified leads while huge corporations selling goods or services with high yield sales may not require as many.

So how do you set up your marketing to grab these quality warm leads instead of a mass of unknown contacts? One thing you can do is the set up direct funnels for each type of contact. A person looking to buy will be sent to your sales funnel, while someone looking for employment will go to your careers funnel, and a client looking for your company history can be taken to an informational funnel. Do this by promoting the different funnels of your company with different links and/or websites and to different online and real world audiences based on subject of interest.

Having a comprehensive online presence that interacts with your clients is also an effective marketing strategy that helps your clients make decisions and feel closer and therefore trust your company or brand more fully. Interacting with clients will also give you valuable insight to what they want to see improved or what features and products they are wanting to purchase next.

Lastly, don’t waste your time on bogus leads or outdated information. Purge your database regularly eliminating fake email addresses, page visits that are not sales related, or those with annual incomes that would put your products well out of reach. Cutting the dead leaves will make your company flourish and the quality of your leads shine!

Qualify your leads with Pipefy!

Pipefy’s Lead Qualification Template will improve the quality of your sales processes by providing all the needed resources for your team to identify and get in touch with the best leads everyday. Identify all the best opportunities, prioritize leads and keep all your contact information in one place.


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