Why You Should Use an Online Kanban Board

Do you know how to use it?

Many experienced developers prefer to use Kanban because it is an easy approach to Agile Software Development. Have you and your team ever considered making the change to an online Kanban?

Well, you should!

In fact, Kanban is considered to be a favorite because it allows you to create online boards. Check out just a few of the reasons why you should switch to online Kanban (such as Pipefy) today.

  1. Real-Time Visibility
  2. Gradual Evolution Path
  3. Full Versatility
  4. Natural Dispersion

1. Real-time visibility

Unlike other static agile methods, an online board makes bottlenecks clearly visible – in real-time. That way, you and your team can make the necessary adjustments accordingly. This means there won’t ever be any confusion or misunderstanding as online kanban is fast and easy enough for the entire team to use.

2. Gradual evolution path

Companies that have previously been unable or unwilling to give agile methods a try can now make the transition from waterfall to agile software development.

3. Full versatility

Another reason why you should already be using online kanban is that you will have full control over the fixed iterations. This is helpful when you want to use optional iterations. You can even combine online kanban with your current process to take your agility to the next level.

4. Natural dispersion

Online boards are also beneficial because they naturally spread throughout the departments of the company, therefore keeping every team member on the same page in terms of the company’s overall goals.

Businesses both big and small all around the globe have found lots of success with online kanban when it comes to increasing efficiency, improving communication, boosting satisfaction levels and promoting growth. Now it’s time to discover what this popular agile method can do for you! Start exploring this useful resource right now to find out how it can help you or your company in the long run.

Optimize your workflow with an online kanban board

Do you use kanban? If so, are you currently also using a kanban board? If you aren’t, you certainly should be. These visual tools really can help optimize your workflow in ways you may have never thought possible. The first thing you need to know about kanban boards is that there are two different types commonly used to enhance workflow.

Golden tip: How does an online kanban board work
(learn the differences between physical and online Kanban board)

Did you read our golden tip? Great! Think that an online kanban board could work for you and your team? Here is a look at the advantages associated with the use of these virtual workflow boards.

The advantages of using an online Kanban board

Remote collaboration

As previously mentioned, online kanban boards allow teams to remotely communicate and collaborate all together. This improves the overall workflow by giving your team members the opportunity to submit the contributions without having to be in the office.

Email integration

For the convenience of you and your team members, online kanban boards can be synced up with everyone’s work email and calendar. This feature helps everyone get on the same page, which in turn improves the workflow as a whole.

Real-time accessibility

Another one of the benefits associated with online Kanban boards is 24-hour access all year round. This means that the entire team will be able to have real-time access to the framework, even after business hours or while in remote locations.

Online Kanban boards are key to optimizing your workflow as they offer an easy way for you and your collaborators to clearly visualize the entire process as needed.

Give online Kanban boards a try with Pipefy!

Pipefy is an intuitive, simple to use, workflow software. We allow businesses to run all their processes in a single platform, ensuring efficiency and solid execution.

Pipefy works as an online Kanban system where tasks move laterally through the multiple phases of your process. Each of your process’ phases can have its own set of work rules, triggers and if needed, a designated owner.

Don’t waste any more time, try Pipefy!

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