Thank you: Summit 2022 Exceeds Expectations

Pipefy Summit Gratitude

The Pipefy Team express our deepest gratitude to all those who joined us for Summit 2022. 

We knew when we started planning this year’s Summit that extraordinary times call for an extraordinary event. That’s why we decided to use this opportunity to focus on the uncertainty — and potential — that we all sense on the horizon.

Here’s a brief recap of what we accomplished: 

  • We looked at what it takes to connect people, processes, and technology in today’s unique macroenvironment. This keynote session featured expert insights from Deepika Rayala, CDIO of Cornerstone OnDemand, and Bill Fox, CCO of Finexio. 
  • We joined business leaders and process experts as they took deep dives into the challenges facing HR, Finance, and IT teams, as well as the ways these teams are using low-code automation to build roadmaps toward the future.
  • We hosted five online workshops that delivered a combination of thought leadership, expert insights, and practical information for building trustworthy processes. 
  • We recognized companies that raised the bar when it comes to using low-code automation to drive business strategy and achieve their goals. 

In case you missed any of our presentations or workshops yesterday, you can access all the Summit sessions on YouTube.

At Pipefy, our focus is always on what’s possible. We know that people, processes, and technology hold the key to all our successes, today and tomorrow. That’s why we bring leaders and doers together each year for this premier event. 

No matter what the future holds, our teams look to us to find the path forward, especially when we face the prospect of unfamiliar territory. Together, we can build the tools and processes we all need to forge ahead, stay decision-ready, and seize every opportunity that awaits us. 

-The Pipefy Team

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