Sprint View

Sprint view is an alternative way of displaying your processes to our traditional Kanban view. Break-up your large projects, or epics, into stories and track their progress on an intuitive interface.

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Our sprint view vs. other scrum software

Unlike other sprint planners, Pipefy’s sprint view was created with UI in mind for optimal productivity. Users can track stories one-by-one for improved visualization of tasks and easily preview the progress of each story.

Burndown charts

Burndown charts can be instantly generated, users can view previous sprints to find improvement areas, and new tasks can be added directly to a story or sprint (because we know things can come-up).


How sprints can improve your process

Sprints are a great way to plan and collaborate on projects or campaigns. Even though sprints are generally used by developers to create new software, many functional areas can implement sprints to improve their productivity.

Large projects, campaigns, and events can be broken down into smaller stories for a more efficient approach to completing work. Functions where sprint planning is commonly used:

  • Software development
  • Marketing
  • Customer success
  • Human resources

Give productivity a needed boost

Run efficient processes in sprint view and track stories on an intuitive interface.

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