Covid-19 – Employees Status


During these tough times of the COVID-19 outbreak, safety is the most important thing. And more than that, making sure that all your employees and their families are feeling well is extremely necessary.

With this free COVID-19 – Employees Status template, you’ll be able to gather updated data on your employees’ health and make sure to support them if they need medical assistance. Here’s how:

● Keep track of their health weekly
Are they feeling well? Did anyone show any symptoms? Create an online form to ask these and other questions and make sure everyone is okay. Set automatic emails to check on them every week.

● Visualize their status in a single place
Who is fine and should keep their self-quarantine? Who is feeling odd and should go to the hospital? Who is recovering and should stay at home isolated? Keep track of everyone’s status without leaving the platform.

● Support them if they need to look for assistance
For those who are showing symptoms, what is the best way to proceed? Help your employees to find all information needed so they can look for help as soon as possible.

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