Project Management Free Template

Project Management Free Template

Looking for better ways to optimize and manage projects to meet your goals? Pipefy’s free Project Management template was designed to provide you more agility and tracking during project execution, helping you achieve results successfully and efficiently.

Save time and money on your next projects

Managing a project successfully takes a lot of work. Identifying and defining milestones, managing potential risks, and controlling your progress are no simple tasks. If you want to make this process easier and more efficient, a project management tool is the way to go.

Using Pipefy’s Project Management template, you will save a lot of time and money by streamlining your process, improving your ability to easily track your current and future projects, and centralizing communication between you and your stakeholders. Standardize your planning, prioritize action items, define the scope, and deliver a great result, time after time.

If you want to make the most of what Pipefy can offer you, customize your template and automate repetitive work, such as status notifications and email messages. When you have finished your project and it’s time to report results, use the tool’s pre-set Dashboard to create effective data analysis.

Analyze, measure, and keep improving

Access and analyze all your projects

Standardize your project planning, so you get consistency in your results. Apply our ready-to-use phases or personalize information according to your specific needs.

Improve your team’s communication

Centralize your team’s interactions regarding your projects in a single place and stop toggling between tools. Exchange emails, messages, and information without leaving the platform, saving you time and effort.

Measure results to improve your execution

Using Pipefy’s data you can measure your results, and identify areas to improve your process for future projects.

Everything you need for a successful project, in a single place

The Project Management template will help you centralize all of your project’s activities, data, and communication in one platform.

Using a Kanban board, you can better monitor your activities, identify who is responsible for what deliverables, and track your project’s current status. Communicate with your team, clients, suppliers, and non-Pipefy users by exchanging emails, messages, and information without leaving the platform.

This ensures you and your team will have everything you need to complete your requirements in one single place.

Quality and efficiency during project execution

Standardize the way you plan and control your projects and deliver high-level results every time. This template will help you make sure your team adheres to standard rules and ensures no important steps are forgotten.

You can use the template’s ready-to-use phases, checklists, and success criteria, or you can customize it to create a workflow according to your specific needs. Set rules to make the process error-free, using conditional logic, approval flows, and even automation.

Pipefy’s Project Management template will provide you with the tools for an efficient process, to help you deliver excellent results, and ensure they are repeatable for every project you manage.

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Improve your project management skills

Analyze your performance with Pipefy’s pre-built Dashboards. Review key metrics and identify areas of improvement.

Build custom graphs and charts, and extract data such as productivity, process time, and costs. Report the results, tangibly show your work, and find opportunities to improve your operation and your management skills for future projects.

Adapt this template for your needs and hit the ground running

Fast and simple to deploy

Get started with your process in minutes with this easy-to-use template.


Customize your unique needs without help from the IT department.

Wide app integrations

Connect your ERP, HRIS, CRM, and other existing tools with Pipefy to build a truly integrated operation.

Connect Pipefy to your favorite software with ease

Teams across the globe love Pipefy

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Since we implemented Pipefy, we have been able to control and automate many processes, from operational and simple processes, such as task management, to business processes, such as executive search professionals (a type of service we provide). Our efficiency increased between 30 and 40% after Pipefy’s implementation.

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