Project Workflow


Pipefy’s Project Workflow Template was designed to grant agility and quality during project execution, achieving the defined goals successfully and efficiently.

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Pipefy’s Project Workflow Template.

Template structure

See how this template is structured. As this is just an example, you can customize it.

Start form

  1. Project Name
  2. Project Justification

Project initiation

  1. Project type
    • Research and development
    • Development of a product or service
    • Process improvement
    • Market research
    • Other
  2. Project execution team
  3. Expected project result
  4. Budget
  5. How many days are required to carry out the project?
  6. Project execution risks
    • Possible solutions to these risks
    • Possible partners for this project
  7. Project feasibility
    • Feasible
    • Not feasible. Moved to “Archived”.

Project Planning

  1. Project scope
  2. What is the expected conclusion date?
  3. Estimated project budget
  4. Describe the main project expenses
  5. Project priority

Performance control

  1. Project progress compared to planning
    • Ahead of schedule
    • On schedule
    • Behind schedule
  2. Problems during project execution
  3. Project team’s report
  4. Additional unplanned expenses
  5. Unplanned expenses cost
  6. New expected conclusion date
  7. Adjusted Gantt chart
  8. What adjustments are necessary to keep the project on track?

Project review

  1. What worked well in the project execution?
  2. What contributed to these good results?
  3. What went wrong in the project execution?
  4. What could have been done to avoid these problems?
  5. Conclusion date
  6. Total final expenses
  7. Percentage spent above or below budget
  8. Project team’s performance evaluation
  9. Final report



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