Team Task Management Template


High quality execution is all about discipline. High performance teams focus on the most important things and executing them, no matter the circumstances.

Pipefy’s Team Task Management Template will help you manage your team’s tasks better, by showing you what everyone has to do, what are the priorities, what’s on time, what’s late and what are the bottlenecks of your process.

Process template by Team Pipefy

Why use the Team Task Management Template?

  • Visually shows what the team has to do
  • Helps prioritize the tasks using labels: critical, top priority, neutral and low priority
  • Provides time estimations for the tasks: up to 10 minutes, up to 1 hour and others
  • Helps your team focus on the important things
  • Allows your team to add comments and custom checklists on tasks
  • Shows what are the process’ bottlenecks
  • Offers a method to run the team’s tasks meeting

Team Task Management Start Form

  • What?
  • More info



Here is the place for incoming tasks, waiting to be done.


Our goals! Place here the cards that must be done until the next team meeting! Don’t forget to keep them prioritized!


Show time! Don’t forget to respect the “one card per team member” limit – they must be done one at a time.

On Hold

Is there something missing? Some important information you still didn’t get or an approval you’re waiting for? Place the card here!


Great job! You’re such a badass team!


Old tasks.