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Pipefy’s Team Task Management Template will help you manage your team’s tasks more efficiently. Promote task execution using agile best practices and an intuitive kanban interface.

Using this template, easily pinpoint any bottlenecks in your process and keep track of all tasks and service-level-agreements with full visibility. Start using the template now, or customize it to better fit your team’s needs (no code needed).

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Pipefy's Team Task Management

What is task management?

Task management is the right way to make projects happen. Through task management, you can track, monitor, analyze and know what is or isn’t working in your processes. Usually, people associate it to work, but it is a practice that can be used for everything in your life. With task management, you can know what your priorities are and understand how much time you are spending on a single task, for example. Here are 6 tips to increase your productivity using task management.

Managing tasks may seem like a simple thing to do, but it is easy to lose track if you do it manually or don’t have enough control over it. This practice won’t only improve your (or your team’s) productivity but can also help you identify what are your bottlenecks, and what are the processes that are wasting the majority of your time. However, to know how to manage your tasks better, you need to understand what is task management.

Through task management, you can achieve way more than just the delivery of your final project. Some of the benefits of task management are improving productivity, increasing efficiency, reducing stress, ensuring customer satisfaction and monitoring trends.

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But how does it work?

All projects begin with a plan, which usually will be divided into to-do tasks until the project is delivered. To manage these tasks (that can be recurrent or finite) you can use old methods like writing in your notebook, using post-its or even having it in your cellphone notes. However, nowadays we have tons of efficient task management tools, some for simples tasks and some that can also automate all your processes. Check the top 5 Task Management tools and take a look at what they have to offer.

Pipefy is the complete choice because it offers the possibility to automate a process, make conditional rules, follow up on your (and your team’s) tasks, create advanced reports, and customize the platform easily without needing anyone from the IT team.

How to manage your tasks using Pipefy?

Pipefy is an operations platform, made to accelerate your business with task and process management. Pipefy has both a Kanban and Sprint view, where you can easily see all the tasks you are working on at the moment and the things you’ve already accomplished.

Using Pipefy is easy as it offers more than 200 templates and you can choose the one that best fits your business process (and in some plans, Pipefy can even customize the template for your company). You can check the Task Management template and try it for free!

With Pipefy you can manage all your team’s processes in a single place. It’s simple to create, manage and watch the results of your tasks. Check all our plans, features, and try it for free!

Promote Task Execution Using an Intuitive Interface


Intuitive Platform

Creating processes is easy using our intuitive interface. Users quickly adapt and learn how to utilize features to their advantage.


Easily Customizable

Create and build-on processes for customized management of all your company’s activities.


Control Complex Processes

Easily control complex workflows, approval processes, and more on an intuitive interface.


Native App Integrations

Integrate with native apps to centralize communication channels and other management tools.


Kanban View

Keep track of all user activities using visual representations of work that need to be done at every step of the process.


Fast Deploy

With our no-code platform there’s no need to involve IT. Deploy fast and get started right away with customizable process templates.

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Template structure

See how this template is structured. As this is just an example, you can customize it.


Incoming tasks waiting to be prioritized.

Task assignment

Prioritize, assign a responsible and a due date to the tasks.

  1. Priority
    • Critical
    • Top Priority
    • Neutral
    • Low Priority
    • Unknown
  2. Responsible
  3. Due date


Tasks that are currently being worked.

  1. Notes about the task

On Hold

Tasks that are on hold or waiting for approval.

  1. Notes about the task


Great job! You’re such a badass team”


Old tasks.

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