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Recruitment Strategy Template


Pipefy’s Free Recruitment Strategy Template is a step-by-step process, developed to design the best possible basis for your recruitment process.

Start with the recognition and approval of a new job position, draft a position description, set up a strategy and start the search for a new employee.  

Here’s a tip: connect the searching phase of this template to our Candidates Screening and Interviews Template, or our Internal Recruitment Process Template. These templates will facilitate the candidate searching and management processes.

Process template by Team Pipefy

Why use the Recruitment Strategy Template?

  • Helps you lay the foundation for a successful recruitment process
  • Offers help for writing a structured position description
  • Helps you make a decision on whether to recruit internally or externally
  • Provides the option of creating pipe connections to other templates in our template store

Recruitment Strategy Start Form

  • What’s your name?
  • What’s your email?
  • What’s the department?
  • What’s the job position available?
  • Can you briefly explain the position?



This is where all incoming recruitment requests will arrive to be evaluated and sent for approval.


This is where all job opening requests will be approved (or not).

Recruitment Strategy

Develop your recruitment strategy to ensure a convenient applicant pool once you go out into the world to find the perfect match.

Candidate Search

These are the positions currently being filled. Let’s hope for a match made in heaven!


Mission accomplished! New team member on board!

Everything you need to know about Recruitment Strategy