Vacation Requests Template


Pipefy’s Vacation Requests Template is a simplified step-by-step process specially designed to create a unique channel for all your company’s teams holiday, day off and vacation requests, making it a lot easier for your Human Resources and Administrative to ask for approvals and manage the entire process.

Process template by Team Pipefy

Why use the Vacation Requests Template?

  • It standardizes all your holiday, day off and vacation requests;
  • It helps make sure all the necessary information for the requests will be provided;
  • It centralizes all your company’s requests in one place;
  • It makes managing the entire process and asking for approvals a lot easier;
  • It makes it easier for each department to plan for employee’s absences.

Vacation Requests Start Form

  • What’s your name?
  • What’s your department?
  • Request type
    • Vacation
    • Holiday
    • Floater day
    • Personal leave (paid)
    • Personal leave (unpaid)
    • Medical leave
    • Other
  • What’s the start date?
  • What’s the end date?



Here will be all the day off request.


Would the request be approved or not?


Approved and scheduled vacation/days off…

On vacation

See you soon!


Completed requests!


Denied requests and other old stuffs…