4 Common BPM Mistakes


BPM is a method that involves the combination of business practices to improve day-to-day operations and, if you're thinking about adopting it, keep your eyes open to avoid these 4 common BPM mistakes and myths.

The acronym BPM stands for a number of things across different industries, but in the business world, BPM represents the phrase “Business Process Management”.

Put simply, Business Process Management is a method that involves the combination of business practices in order to improve day-to-day operations and, you’re thinking about adopting this method to run your company’s operations, it’s important to steer clear of these 4 common BPM mistakes and myths.

Common BPM mistakes and myths

BPM doesn’t require definitions

Business process management will never work to its full potential unless you clearly define tasks and responsibilities, this is why this is our 1st BPM mistake. You can use an organizational chart, a workflow diagram, a kanban board or even a “spaghetti” diagram to let everyone in your team know exactly what is it you expect out of them.

BPM doesn’t need to be reviewed

Common BPM mistake number 2: you review just about every other aspect of your business, from purchase budgets to employee performance, so why wouldn’t you review the results rendered by the implementation of BPM?

BPM doesn’t require adjustments

If you have reviewed your results and located a few problem areas, you need to do everything it takes to solve them as soon as possible. Refusing to adapt your business process management really could end up hurting you in the long run, what makes this the most dangerous of the items in the common BPM mistakes list. After all, successful businesses with a proven track record are the ones who learn to adapt to changes.

BPM is an IT project

This one is less of a BPM mistake and more of a myth: while there are, indeed, some IT components that go hand-in-hand with the implementation of BPM, the job of putting the plan into motion should be assigned to a specific team of business professionals.

The IT guys can of course help out when needed, but incorporating the BPM method doesn’t only involve technology.

Avoid these 4 common BPM mistakes to get your business to where it needs to be in order to compete in the global economy!

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