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Pipefy’s Performance Evaluation Template helps managers follow up on their team’s performance. Evaluating your employees is extremely necessary within companies – without performance evaluations, employees don’t know what their strengths are and behaviours they need to work on.

This template allows you to set feedback meetings with your employees as well as collect and give feedback, helping them improve their performance as well as overall behaviour.

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Pipefy’s Performance Evaluation Template.

Template structure

See how this template is structured. As this is just an example, you can customize it.

Supervisor Evaluation

Time for the supervisor to evaluate the employee.

  1. Evaluation responsible
  2. Describe employee’s biggest professional accomplishments during this evaluation period (at least 3)?
  3. List employee’s strong points (at least three)
  4. List employee’s key areas that need improvement (at least 3)
  5. Rate the employee on the following areas
    • Attitude
    • Responsibility
    • Work Quality
    • Job-related Knowledge
    • Teamwork
    • Motivation
    • Innovation
  6. What’s the employee’s overall performance assessment?
    • Exceeds Expectations
    • Meets Expectations
    • Needs Improvement
    • Unsatisfactory
  7. Observations

Feedback Meeting

Face-to-face discussion of the evaluations!

  1. Meeting date
  2. How was the employee’s reaction to the feedback
    • Good
    • Neutral
    • Bad
  3. How was the feedback meeting?

Performance Action Plan

Based on the feedback, present performance action plan for the next evaluation period!

  1. What attitudes and behaviors should the employee keep on doing?
  2. What attitudes and behaviors should the employee start doing?
  3. What attitudes and behaviors should the employee stop doing?
  4. List three goals to be achieved until the next meeting based on the S.M.A.R.T. criteria
    • 1st Goal
    • 2nd Goal
    • 3rd Goal
  5. Next meeting
  6. Observations

Action Plan Follow-up

Follow up on the action plan goals!

  1. Were the goals achieved?
  2. Describe why
  3. Next steps
  4. Follow up results


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