How to manage your sales funnel?

Any successful sales manager knows just how important an optimally-operating sales funnel is: that’s because it allows you to visually review your data, your current revenues and the sales opportunities that are available for your team.

Want to know how to manage your sales funnel for the maximum results? If so, here are a few tips you can use to effectively manage your sales funnel.

Tips to improve the way you manage your sales funnel:

Measure your metrics

The first step associated with properly managing your sales funnel is the proper measurement of four basic metrics. You at all times should be aware of the number of deals in your funnel, the average size of a deal in your funnel, the close ratio and the sales velocity.

The close ratio is essentially the average percentage of deals that are won and the sales velocity is the average lifetime of a deal before it is won.


If you and your sales team encourage upselling at each stage of your sales funnel, you will see a gradual increase in the overall size of your deals. You could even look at providing incentives or bonuses for team members that are able to close a certain number of deals that include an upsell.

Target qualified leads

Want to increase the speed of your sales funnel? Save you and your team some time, money and effort by only targeting qualified leads, which isn’t as difficult as it seems. Do this simply by properly qualifying them before sending them into the sales funnel (you can do that with the help of Pipefy’s Lead Qualification Template, for example).

Now that you know how to manage your sales funnel, you and your team will be well prepared to take your sales goals to the next level and beyond. Just make sure that you are taking care of your sales funnel and nurture it at every stage to increase its effectiveness.

Manage your Sales Funnel with Pipefy!

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Instead of resorting to fragile spreadsheets or complex and expensive CRM systems, install Pipefy’s free sales template and run your sales pipeline smoothly and without any concerns.

Written by
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