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The customizable CRM software to scale your sales operations

Stop losing opportunities due to error-prone processes that lack centralization. Pipefy is the best sales CRM software to build and optimize your pipeline in a matter of minutes, increasing process control and predictability from end to end.

Improve a single process or your entire CRM operation

Lead Qualification ->

This lead qualification template can help your company to find the best business opportunities available and increase your revenue. Optimize your sales process with Pipefy tools.

  • Find the best opportunities
  • Increase your sales
  • Have a standardized process end to end
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Customer Onboarding ->

Make a great first impression and provide the best customer experience since day one with automated customer onboarding software platform.

  • Track each customer's progress
  • Save valuable time to invest in customer relationships
  • Enhance customer onboarding experience
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Customer Service ->

Automate emails, streamline customer requests, and standardize your CS processes with an intuitive, easy-to-use, no/low-code customer success software.

  • Provide flawless customer support
  • Automate and integrate processes with an easy to deploy software
  • Make sure customer onboarding is perfect, every time
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Standardize your sales process to catch more customers

Tailor your sales CRM software to your company's needs with ease

Learn how Ti.Saúde centralized customer journeys and saved more than 100 hours using automation

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Pipefy is #1 in Business Process Management by G2

The centralization of operational processes in Pipefy helped CTA to achieve closer contact with their customers and more agility to support responses. Even in a lean team, we were able to reduce the SLAs, and now we have more clarity on what improvements we should implement in our services and products".
Geovane Pasternak
Operational Manager
A big difference in Pipefy was the autonomy I had since the beginning. My audience is very specific, so I needed a platform that could be customized to my needs, and one that other departments could use as well. So Pipefy worked not only as a CRM but also as a process management platform.”
Tito Magalhães
Head of Sales at Ti.Saúde
Working with Pipefy has meant working in a smart, efficient, and productive way. The platform empowers us and helps to control our routines. As a business user, I know what I want to control, and PIpefy lets me do it in a simple, pleasant, and comfortable manner."
Vinicius Castro
Projects and Digital Operations Manager at Lacoste

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