Looking To Enhance Your Performance? Adopt These Workplace Productivity Hacks


Workplaces have gotten busier and busier, and fewer people are doing the work. Everyone has to do more, and these are ways to accomplish that.

There are many things a business has to do to survive and to thrive. One of the most important things is to get as much productivity out of its workers as possible. The idea of producing more work with fewer people in a shorter amount of time is not new. Throughout the years there are plenty of things businesses have done to make this happen. From assembly lines to robotics, businesses are always on the lookout for a way to increase productivity.

The idea of doing more with fewer people working fewer hours puts workers in a difficult position. The business is going to demand them to keep up with the work, but that does not mean they will provide the tools to do that. It is often up to the individual to come up with ways to increase their productivity. They need to find tricks that can help them keep up so that they do not become the part the business no longer needs.

Create a Plan

When the New Year rolls around, people make different resolutions. A common resolution is to become more productive at work. Unfortunately, many do not follow through on the words. The words of saying you have a goal of more productivity and accomplishing it are two different things. In order to reach that goal, it starts with a plan.

The first part of the plan is to find ways to become more productive. The second part is carrying over the idea of planning to your tasks at work. Do not approach the day without knowing what you have to accomplish, when you have to accomplish it by and how you are going to do that. It is not about creating a perfect plan. It is about setting up the structure to the time you spend at work. When you plan ahead, you can keep yourself on task instead of wasting time trying to figure out what is next.

Conduct Productive Meetings

Meetings play a role in the workplace. They are the chance for co-workers to learn what direction the others are going. It helps keep everyone in the workplace working together as a team towards the same goal. The problem with meetings is that instead of assisting people to do more at work, they often waste essential time that could be spent doing something else.

Take steps to hold productive meetings.

  • Have a Plan – Like the workday the plan for the meeting is important. The plan should include who needs to be at the meeting, what the meeting will cover and how long the meeting should last.
  • Start on time – Make sure everyone knows that the meeting will start on time and get them there.
  • Stay on topic – The biggest waste of time occurs when the meeting strays from the topic. Make sure that the meeting sticks to its original purpose.

Studies suggest that the average worker spends over 30 hours a month in meetings that are not productive. That is the time that is gone forever and is something a productive worker should avoid.

Create a Routine

If you follow a routine, you may worry that work gets boring. What a routine really does is make sure that you use your time effectively. Following a routine that includes all the other productivity tricks allows anyone to get more done with less effort and less time.

Embrace Automation

There are plenty of people who think automation is a threat to their job. In some ways that is true. Automation has changed the way many businesses work. One of the best things automation can do is increase productivity. It can help with tasks at work that are routine and repetitive. It allows the workers to focus on other areas that can help keep the work more interesting. Many people say that if you do not embrace the automation and technology, it will replace you.

Track Your Progress Regularly

Most people think that they are doing a good job at work. But if you ask them what makes them think that, they cannot come up with any specifics. One of the things that conference speakers instill on their audiences is the need to know how they are doing at work. The best way to do this is by having ways to measure your productivity at work. Tracking your work progress can help you make the adjustments to increase productivity.

Take at Least Two Breaks a Day

Studies suggest that people can focus on a task and remain productive for at most 90 minutes. After that, the ability to continue working effectively drops significantly. The solution to that is to work in 90-minute segments. After 90 minutes working on something, take a break, step away and clear your mind. The breaks do not have to last a long time. They are just the opportunity to refocus your energy and continue working productively. The number of breaks depends on the length of the day at work.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

One of the biggest dangers to productivity at a workplace is putting out fires. People that take care of issues that arise after they see the problem take more time to fix it. They also take time away from the other work they need to do. Thinking ahead about what can happen and coming up with a plan to prevent it allows workers to focus on the work they need to do at that time and allows them to stick to the plan they created.

Find Inspiration Every Day

Before you start working, turn to something that will inspire you. Get the advantages of conference speakers that will inspire you to work the right way. It could be a quote, a song or something else, but it is important to find something that you can begin every day with.

Stay healthy

There are plenty of people who try to work when they are sick. They feel like they have to do it for a number of reasons. The problem is when your body does not feel good, your work suffers. Take care of your body. Follow a simple plan of eating right, regular exercise, and plenty of rest.

Clear the Clutter

When you look at many people’s desks, you will see a lot of stuff on it. Some will have to do with work and some of the things are personal items. Unless they have something to do with the task at hand, they represent a distraction. Take the time to start with a clean desk every morning and work to keep it that way.

Many of the tricks to increasing workplace productivity overlap and are similar. Planning your day ahead and planning a meeting are often done together and require similar things. Taking a break is one way to keep your body and mind healthy. It is the practice of all the tricks together that increase productivity. Using the tricks regularly is what most people call a routine. It is a routine that can help you do work that used to fill a 10-hour workday into a pleasant day when you accomplish everything in less than 5 hours. Take advantage of it.

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