How to Reach Success with AI in Recruiting


Nowadays we read a bunch of news about AI, but do you know ho to reach success in recruiting with it? Read our post and find out.

Artificial intelligence is taking the world of recruitment by storm and for good reason. Artificial intelligence has been dominating headlines while also becoming more and more integral to our daily lives. While robots have already transformed multiple industries, there arises the question of “how can AI affect my job?”

On top of that, there is a huge demand for recruitment software which seems to make use of AI in one or another form and we will definitely see AI in HR and recruiting over the next few years.  

The recruitment market is buzzing with innovation and the advancement and apps of AI in recruitment have just kicked off. Hence, here is an overview of how you remain relevant when it comes to recruitment in AI. Check out the most fascinating uses of AI in recruitment for 2019.

Chatbots (AI-Powered Assistants)

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We have seen how the use of AI-powered assistant, also called chatbots, have been ingrained in various aspects of human resources for recruiting, employee services, employee development and coaching. Several companies have started using chatbots as their initial way to engage with visitors on their website. Regarding recruitment, AI-powered assistants can help to reduce the hiring timeline and increase the number of candidates who complete the application process.

For instance, chatbots namely Mya and Olivia help to automate the tedious tasks of the recruitment processes such as sourcing, screening and scheduling. The chatbots are empowered with machine learning and use NLP (Natural Language Processing) to pick up on details that come up in the talk. It also helps to create profiles and organize shortlisted applicants by taking over your procedural hassle by engaging via the web, variant mobile platforms and social channels.

Building Relationships with Candidates

With other things in a row, the artificial intelligence enabled machines focus on treating candidates like customers, hence building the candidate relationship. This reduces the hiring cycles and creates a single source of truth for all of your hiring data.  Artificial intelligence and machine learning elements of the platform identify your passive candidates and sometimes even suggest the best to reach out to those candidates.

For instance, Beamery is one such AI-powered machine that helps companies to use AI in recruitment in order to create more human relationships with candidates.

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Creating an Amazing Job Posting

In a world full of fierce competition for the best talent, you want to leave as little as possible to chance. Consider the job advertisements you post online that are often overlooked and remember this is the start of an applicant’s journey. A job advertisement might be the first thing the candidates actually see from your company.

Textio is an example of a company that has high-quality job posts, which is not only a  justification for your company’s image, but also for the number of qualified and diverse candidates who apply as a result. The system analyzes meaningful language patterns that cause some posts to succeed where others cannot. The more qualified and diverse candidates, the more accurate the predictions.

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Accurate Video Interviewing

Video interviews are becoming an integrated sort of mobile recruiting platform that not only save recruiters and managers time, but also allow them to get a good feel for a candidate’s energy. But the developments of AI in recruitment are taking an even brighter step.

For instance, Panna is an AI-powered platform that specializes in technical hiring. It provides artificially intelligent hiring and an ever-growing repository of dynamic questions, along with the expert evaluation, interview recordings, video conferencing and vocal and facial recognition.

Such processes mean that the system can detect if the candidate is regularly looking away from the screen that can identify if they are using cue cards or if there is another voice in the video.

Remove Bias in the Hiring Process

A bias can hold a lot of weight in recruitment, even unknowingly. But when it comes to recruiting the perfect-fit candidates for the job, we do not want our judgment to be clouded by personal bias. There are some attractive apps of AI-bases recruitment that help eliminate such biases. As we saw in the Textio, there are more and more companies striving to create a more bias-free recruitment process.

AI-empowered systems use data and predictive analysis to make accurate predictions on an applicant’s likelihood to succeed in the role that they are applying for.  Algorithms can calculate a score for each and every candidate. Hence, an AI recruitment tool that utilizes predictive analytics for recommending candidates can save multiple companies who are struggling with the unwanted turnover of employees by leaving their jobs.

Exciting Times Ahead

We have discussed the core uses and applications of how artificial intelligence can help in the recruitment process. AI will have a significant impact on HR tech trends lists for years to come. It is a good year to begin looking into the various available AI options to help you optimize your recruitment process. Keep learning!

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