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Hire, Onboard & Retain the Best Talent with Pipefy's Recruitment Management Software

From new job requests to onboarding, Pipefy enables your team to move faster and more assertively by eliminating repetitive tasks, streamlining workflows, and improving communication with hiring managers and candidates.

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Give HR a seat at the table with Pipefy

Create HR processes in one click

From vacation requests to hiring new employees, just tell Pipefy AI what you need in the interactive chat to create your custom workflow. Then, ask Pipefy AI to quickly gather insights into your operations — such as headcount, turnover, and eNPS — to make data-driven decisions and build a more strategic HR operation.

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Pipefy helps companies around the world face their recruitment challenges

The greatest Pipefy benefits were improving communication, gaining velocity in the processes, and getting faster returns. Everyone knows at what stage each recruitment is and the HR team doesn’t have to follow up with several people all the time.
Milene Almeida
Business Partner at James Delivery
Pipefy is a comprehensive process automation solution — rather than just a tool that provides data storage. It seamlessly blended into our process with a minimal learning curve. With automation right out of the gate, it created instant lift. I didn’t need to hire an implementation team, and I didn't need to go to engineering to make something change.
Corey Berker
SVP, Human Resources at JazzHR
Pipefy's main benefit is streamlining the process (namely, recruitment). What we most like is having the tool to facilitate standard procedures and one-window communication with candidates. The main pro is a proper combination of flexibility, affordability, design, and inspiration for further development!
Alex ZH
HR Director at VDG

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