How can Kanban Boards help your business

For many businesses, losing track of the original plan and/or letting tasks pile up and left aside without being finished is a great problem.

Having a business management plan is not enough, since many teams just see it as a concept without practical application: instead, they find out their own individual solutions, what can end up causing a lot of confusion, limiting productivity and stopping staff from being able to express themselves properly.

With the help of the Kanban methodology, more specifically using kanban boards, though, you can overcome this problem.

First of all, what are Kanban boards?

Kanban was firstly developed by Toyota Corporation as a technique to plan their materials requirement (part of the just-in-time system) and was a simple way to ensure better communication amongst different production areas through the use of visual management (kanban cards).

The word Kanban, roughly translated from Japanese, means a visible record (billboard, card, label, or sign) and translates literally what the methodology proposes: it helps you harness all the visual information that’s presented to you by using sticky notes (cards) on a whiteboard (kanban board), creating a visual picture of your work.

Nowadays, with more practical and accessible online Kanban tools, the goal remains the same – seeing properly how work is flowing within the process in order to receive context of the task at hand as well as better communicate status.

Kanban takes all the information that typically would be communicated via words (e-mail threads, spreadsheets, etc.) and turns it into something a lot more interesting for your brain to process – your brain processes visual info more than 50,000 times faster than it processes simple text. On a daily basis, visual information comprises over 90% of the data that comes into your head, what makes scientists say that the neurological paths that go into our brain prefer visual displays over text.

A kanban board, along with all its kanban cards, is a visual representation of the way your processes and tasks flow. Here are a few reasons for why you should adopt kanban boards in your work environment (and even your personal life):

Why should you use Kanban boards:

  • With the help of Kanban Boards, you can effectively put in place one of the most effective pull systems around and make sure that all of your staff can get to grips with it easily;
  • You can make sure that staff will have an easy to follow, visual set of rules that allows progress to be obvious while also allowing people to get the help that they need when moving forward, ensuring everyone understands the position of the task(s) in question;
  • A kanban board is a practical way to make sure everyone will have a clear and open understanding of what the business actually needs, in terms of finding out what processes are working just fine but also in terms of what could be causing delays within the process.
  • Allowing for easy visualization of the processes, kanban boards allow you to remove the identified problems on the spot, rather than having time consuming and wasteful meetings later on down the line to try and offer a solution;
  • Kanban boards inspire collaboration and connection within teams within your company. These now collaborative teams might not have had much time or reason to work together but now, with these improvements in team chemistry and the overall atmosphere, making it’ll be much easier for people to integrate alongside one another;
  • Kanban, as a pull system, empowers teams and individuals to manage their own processes and to stay on target, making sure work will continue to flow effectively;
  • Easy to use, flexible in their style and extremely easy to understand, kanban boards don’t require decades of experience to decipher and they aren’t made to be ultra-specific like many of their counterparts in this area of organizing and planning within a business;
  • It also allows for easy changing of how information is presented to staff. Now, people are no longer just running around in circles and hoping for things to become clear, making it much easier for them to develop themselves alongside with the objectives of the task.

All of these very good reasons show why it can be revolutionary to use kanban boards on your life. Using kanban to manage your tasks will allow for success and development to occur naturally and for staff to start showing genuine progress and initiative in abundance.

Start using Kanban Boards on Pipefy:

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