Manage your tasks – and your team – with online Kanban boards!

You’re probably aware that it takes a lot of work to manage your tasks, if you have to manage a team on top of that, it’s an even greater job.

Luckily for you, in today’s business world, there are many alternatives and tools that can help the task feel less like a hassle! One of those great tools is the Kanban board. A Kanban board can be a physical board or an online one. We recommend and online board, such as the ones you have on Pipefy, to get you and your team efficiently managing your work in a flash!

Manage your tasks – and your team’s – easier and faster!

So how can an online Kanban board help you manage your work? Much like its physical counterpart, an online Kanban software is divided into lanes. These lanes are filled with multicolored visual cards called (you guessed it!) Kanban cards. Each Kanban card has vital information about each task in the workflow, including, who is working on it, what needs to be done at this point, what has already been done, and even estimated completion time.

Having all this information close at hand and easily accessible makes it a breeze to communicate within your group, even if you’re not in the same physical location. Borders, time zones, delayed flights, and even the annoyance of putting on “real” pants can no longer stand between you and your team when information needs to be shared.

The advantages of using an online board really come into play when you get down to the metrics property of the software. The built in metric records and behavior analysis, such as total time spent for each task, delivery time, and a whole host of other factors to develop a report that can help you manage your team more efficiently in your next project and implement constant improvements.

When it comes down to it, an online Kanban board is so efficient at managing your tasks and your team’s, because it is so versatile that it literally is a one size fits all type of tool. No matter if your project is large or small, your team ginormous or just you and your two associates, Kanban can keep you stay organized, on point, and most importantly, connected.

Manage your tasks – and your team’s – with Pipefy!

High quality execution is all about discipline. High performance teams focus on the most important things and executing them, no matter the circumstances.

Pipefy’s Team Task Management Template will help you manage your team’s tasks better, by showing you what everyone has to do, what are the priorities, what’s on time, what’s late and what are the bottlenecks of your process.

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