Using a personal kanban board to visualize your work

Using kanban is a growing tendency amongst businesses due to how effective and clear a method it is for managing your processes and tasks. Having a kanban board, whether it’s physical or online, is also a great way to keep everyone in your business up to date to what’s really going on, as well as keeping staff engaged and collaborating in projects without so much as a doubt as how to proceed.

Kanban is also a very good alternative when it comes to managing your own personal tasks and processes. Deciding to use kanban as a personal organization tool will assure you’ll haver a better understanding on how it works (if you happen to use it on your professional life as well) and also help you organise yourself without the usual stress.

How can a personal kanban board help me?

By helping you visualize a task – any task, really, even just doing the cleaning around your house – you’ll have a better understanding of how you can manage your time and resources. Using a personal kanban board can make it a lot easier to do so, since every task will be a card on your board. Actually seeing what it is you need to do really helps since, as we already told you before, an image is really worth a thousand words when it comes to getting information into your brain.

Kanban, through the use of a simple personal kanban board, is just a system to follow up on those means you can use to get all of those little things on the “To Do” list dealt with. Your personal kanban board must follow all the classic kanban rules, like limiting the work in progress to focus on starting and finishing a task instead of leaving a lot of unfinished started tasks.

Putting everything on a board – whether it’s a simple physical kanban board or an online software – will help you prepare your day beforehand and know when and how you can effectively get everything done instead of trying to run it all over and over in your head.

Deciding to use a personal kanban board is a far more sophisticated and enjoyable way to starting having some fun with getting your simple day-to-day tasks done. It’s also a much easier way to fully understand the scale of the day that you have ahead and plan your time and resources for getting through it way more effectively.

Being able to actually see in front of you what you are up against for the day ahead is far more effective than just guessing or mentally planning. With the right plan ahead of you, it makes it a lot easier to keep moving things on in the right direction and ensuring that you can get the help you need in seeing just what you need to take on. It’s easier to prepare when you have the visual aid that provided by using a personal kanban board.

Just by giving a quick glance towards your personal Kanban board should let you know what you need to take care of at this point. Creating little visual clues can make it a lot easier for you to follow the whole process.

Every task, in the format of a card, should come with estimated time/effort for each job as well as things like how to organize and add things in as the situation changes over the course of the day/week/month.

Not sure where to start or what to do with a personal Kanbard board? Then start with the visuals as it really is the most important way to get the job done. It also helps you limit your work in progress for the week so that you can make sure you don’t go from task to task, only half-finishing them.

With a personal Kanban board you can keep yourself on track and on time without any of the usual stress and posturing that it can naturally create.

Want a simple to use online tool to create your personal Kanban board?

Pipefy’s Task Management Template was specially developed to help you manage your tasks without breaking a sweat.

This template shows you in an organised and simplified manner what you’re currently doing, what they have to do next, and what is already done.

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