Why you should try Live Marketing


Live Marketing, or Experiential Marketing, is a way to catch your audience's full attention. By interacting with your audience in a creative and memorable way, a healthy relationship blooms. After all, relationships are always stronger than ads.

Why You Should Try Live Marketing

Live Marketing, or Experiential Marketing, is a way to catch your audience’s full attention. By interacting with your audience in a creative and memorable way, a healthy relationship blooms. After all, relationships are always stronger than ads.

Why Should I Try it?

We are living in a world where people have immediate access to almost anything they need. And, of course, the marketing world is part of this delivery. You probably see, watch and listen to hundreds or thousands of advertisements every day – sometimes you don’t even realize you’re being pitched to.

The most important method to explore when you’re thinking about marketing is how to position your brand in a memorable way so your customer won’t consider purchasing from another brand.

That’s precisely what Live Marketing offers to you. It is not just another advertisement your audience will stumble upon; you are giving them an experience. People are much more inclined to buy your product if you provide a good experience in an event or another Live Marketing action. With Live Marketing, you can show your targeted audience how unique your brand is, and you will surely differentiate from all the other players.

Types of Live Marketing

There’s no “best type” of Live Marketing. You need to understand which one is the best for the message you want to pass, the identity of your brand and the audience you are targeting.

I separated the most common ones, check it out:

Event Marketing

Events are the most usual kind of Live Marketing, which is why they are always being confused and sometimes it is difficult to separate them from other marketing. But they are not the same. Let’s review.

Every event is a Live Marketing action, but not every Live Marketing action is an event. To produce an event you must have a specific location, tickets to enter and some kind of promotion before it occurs. Not all Live Marketing actions are like this – we are going to see it in the next types of Live Marketing.

But thinking in the event, you have to plan all your customer journey, before, during and after the event day. All these points are important and will directly impact the experience you are providing to your client. You must be careful.

To create a memorable event, keep these things in mind: promotion before the event, the content of the event, communication with who will participate (what kind of public do you have? Is it more than one?), ticket price (or there will be sponsors?) and logistics.

Are you planning an event soon? Start managing the processes of your event for free with Pipefy! Our Event Planning template will help you.

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing is physically going to the streets, being creative and surprising your audience. In this case, you can’t promote the event. You don’t need to have a specific location in mind and don’t need to sell tickets before the event takes place.

The main question here is “how can I engage with my audience in an unexpected way so they will like it so much that they share it with other people?”. You don’t need a lot of money to do good Guerrilla Marketing.

One example of Guerrilla Marketing is this Unicef action. They tried to “sell” bottles of dirty water on the streets of New York in a vendor machine. It was shocking, unexpected and cheap. Watch the video and see how the media reported this action. Imagine how many people were impacted by this.

Heed this advice: be careful. Many things can impact and stun people. You can organize a parade, bring traffic to a halt and influence hundreds of people. But you’ll probably have problems with that. You don’t want your brand linked with legal problems, right? So consider the consequences before going to the streets without a plan. Map all the potential issues you could have with that and start thinking of ways to avoid them.

Brand Activation

The last type of Live Marketing is Brand Activation. It is usually used when a company is launching a new product or service. It’s perfect to apply this when your company needs to promote the new business line. Use a  cool and cheap experience to promote the product you are selling and you have brand activation.

Ponder the possibilities. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on that. What if you offer this product for free for a day if customers agree to post a photo on their social media channels? Or if they use something related to your brand? Imagine the scenarios and brainstorm the positive buzz that is possible for your brand.

To prove that it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money, or to be a  huge company in order to launch a brand activation action, I will tell a real case from my city, Curitiba, in Brazil.

There are lots of street pubs that offer hamburgers and beer here, but one of them is different. The name is Whatafuck. This place expanded and now boasts three pubs and one store in the city. In 2017, to launch the store and a new type of hamburger, which has pink packaging, they distributed 500 hamburgers only for people dressed in pink. The strategy was a success. All burgers were sold out in minutes and it was covered by all media from the city. With a simple and cheap action, they launched new products and got free publicity. Now, everybody knows Whatafuck stands out from the rest–and not just because of the name.

The purpose of Brand Activation is to reinforce your brand for those who are already customers and to secure free publicity to demonstrate to others that you are creating an interesting product that will serve their needs.  

Final Thoughts

We hope you have a better understanding of how Live Marketing works and how it can help serve your purposes. It’s crucial to not only plan and provide a good journey for your customer but to organize yourself and measure all your marketing actions. Pipefy can surely help you with all those goals. You can rest assured that managing your marketing team with Pipefy will serve you well. You can always count on us for assistance.

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