Your Culture is Your Brand: 5 Powerful Benefits in Companies with a Positive Culture

Marlon Garcia

Companies invest a lot of money in new strategies, products, services and processes. But there is an essential figure among all those aspects that should never be forgotten: People.

People are responsible for making the business strategies happen and culture is an essential key for the company’s success.

Culture affects everyone and everything in workplaces, from work performance to talent management. A well-developed culture creates an uplifting and secure environment that enables the employee and the company to build a trusting and productive relationship.

There are many benefits that managers identify when a positive culture is built in a company. I selected the top five. Let’s take a look!

1. Recruiting

In companies with horizontal structures, a participative workplace where people enjoy working and have the freedom to let the creativity flow will surely increase talent attraction. People want to work in places with a good reputation and companies want to attract the right profile talent they are looking for.

Having a cultural fit between both parts is extremely important to accomplish those aspects, streamlining all the recruiting process.

One great example of a positive company culture is the one we have at Pipefy. At the end of 2018, Pipefy was chosen as one of the Most Loved Companies in Brazil by Love Mondays. It just goes to show that companies with a strong culture attract talent who align with their values, creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

2. Employee Motivation and Loyalty

When people are recognized, they feel the appreciation for the value they added to their company. Those feelings are exceptional in the motivation process. When someone feels that their daily tasks matters, they are certainly inclined to deliver more for the company as the two-way benefits are large and endless.

At Pipefy, one of the main values that the company brings out is Trustable. All the relationships in the company are founded by trust between any kind of position. When there is trust among all parties, a friendly and encouraging environment is created. This is crucial to boost and improve the team’s productivity and performance.

3. Teamwork

A strong culture enables the development of teamwork, involvement, cooperation, open communication and trust among all people in a workplace. Those characteristics yield outstanding results for companies. Collaboration is always better than unfair competition, allowing the employees to grow together.

Pipefy relies on important values that help to build this sense of teamwork. By being Humble to Improve Fast employees understand that everyone is constantly developing skills and behaviors as professionals and human beings. Pipefy employees are more likely to ask for help or contribute their own expertise due to being used to practicing humility.

Radical Candor means being totally open to give and receive genuine, fast and objective feedback on anything. At Pipefy, the employees are encouraged to practice this kind of behavior on their workplace and out of it as well.

4. Work Performance

High rates of productivity are extremely connected with companies with a strong culture. Employees tend to be more motivated and dedicated when employers care and invest in their welfare and development, bringing out their best strengths to reach a high level of work performance.

Did you know all the employees at Pipefy are called Honey Badgers? This tiny animal is referred to as the most fearless animal in all the animal kingdom! A cultural symbol was built by the #HoneyBadger attitude and is identified in all the employee’s behavior. They are driven, focused on reaching goals a little reckless when needed and they stop at nothing to get what they want. Those attitudes reflect directly on the outcomes that Pipefy has experienced to date.

5. Happiness

Last, but perhaps the most important thing, every human being is searching for happiness. Each one of us may have a different definition of happiness, but we all agree that working with friendly and positive people in a safe environment where everyone has a sense of pride and ownership is crucial to obtaining that feeling of well-being.

To make Honey Badgers feel fulfilled, the company promotes some recreational activities, such as Halloween Day, when the staff shows up in costume. Delicious snacks and fruits are available to all the Honey Badgers, guaranteeing a healthier lifestyle. Pipefy boasts an innovative workspace, which is focused on bringing maximum integration among everyone, even the staff’s pets.

To sum things up, a workplace with a positive culture is more successful over time because team morale and awareness of employee livelihoods always matters. Fix your culture and benefit with significantly higher levels of organizational effectiveness.

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Written by
Marlon Garcia
Marlon is graduated at Design and currently, he's specializing in Marketing Management. He has a professional purpose, which guides his career in planning and making decisions — accomplish dreams, ideas and goals that impact people in a kind and constructive way.

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