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Let anyone create new cards

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Let anyone create new cards

Each pipe has a start form. This form is the pipe’s front door. Its fields ask for all the information people must provide before creating a new card. The start form is inside the pipe so normally only its members would have access to it. However, if you wish to make it accessible to people that are not members of your team on Pipefy (suppliers, freelancers or customers, for example), you can use the public form feature to make it available via a shareable URL.

A public form is a public representation of the start form so it’s also used for creating cards. Whenever someone fills the information on a public form, a new card is created on the Pipe it belongs to.

Public forms are a way to interact with people outside your pipe. You can customize your public forms to get the exact data you need from people creating new cards, and change the background and button color to match your brand. This useful feature allows you to easily organize the information you receive, extract the data you’re looking for and then provide the necessary response.

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To learn more about public forms and how to set them up, check out our knowledge base content.

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