Hiring Process


Pipefy’s Free Hiring Process Template is a step by step guide to streamline your company’s hiring process: from gathering all the necessary documentation, drafting and signing contracts, formalizing the hire and onboarding the new team member.

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Template structure

See how this template is structured. Remember, this is just an example – you can always customize it.


Provide the necessary information to keep the process going!

  1. Responsible
  2. Start date
  3. Employee’s marital status
    • Single
    • Married
    • Cohabiting
    • Civil Union
    • Domestic Partnership
    • Separated
    • Divorced
    • Widowed
  4. When was the employee born?
  5. Starting salary
  6. Work schedule


Gather all the necessary documentation!

  1. Documentation checklist
    • Proof of identity
    • Proof of eligibility to work
    • Proof of address
    • I-9 Form
    • W-4 Form
    • Pre-employment examination
    • Job application form
  2. Additional Information
  3. Attach the documents


Time to deal with the papers!

  1. Checklist
    • Contract of employment – employer’s signature
    • Contract of employment – employee’s signature
    • Deliver the employee’s copies of the contract
    • Receive the necessary documents
    • Make copies of the documents
    • Return the employee’s documents
  2. Main transportation to work
    • Own vehicle
    • Public transportation
    • Bicycle
    • Walk
    • Home-office
  3. Driver’s license?
  4. Driver’s license number


Welcome the new employee to the team! Don’t forget to show him/her around and give all the basic instructions!

  1. Responsible for onboarding
  2. Checklist
    • Register the new employee on the payment system
    • Register the new employee on all internal systems (email, intranet, etc.)
    • Instruct the employee on the company’s philosophy and code of conduct
    • Instruct the employee on payment dates
    • Instruct the employee on working hours
    • Introduce the employee to the company’s physical structure
    • Introduce the employee to his/her colleagues
    • Instruct the employee on how to clock in/out
    • Introduce the employee to the main company managers


All set up, new team member in the house!


Old and dusty things…

Welcome aboard

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