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Internal Recruitment Template


Pipefy’s Free Internal RecruitmentTemplate was specially designed to help you find the best possible candidate for a position from within the company.

It allows you to gather all your candidates, screen them and schedule interviews as well as provide them with feedback in case you didn’t consider them suitable for that particular position.

Process template by Team Pipefy

Why use the Internal Recruitment Template?

  • Helps you gather all candidates that are applying for a position within your company
  • Makes the initial screening of candidates easier
  • Helps you create a structured interview guide
  • Gives you the opportunity to provide promising employees with feedback for future growth

Internal Recruitment Start Form

  • What’s the candidate’s name?
  • What’s the candidate’s email?
  • What department does he/she currently work at?
  • Are there any relevant documents?


Employees' Screening

Learn more about each applicant’s past performance and behaviour to determine the topics for the first interview!

Second Interview

Time to dig deeper! Is there anything else you would like to know before making a final decision?


Give each candidate feedback on why he/she was approved – or not.


Looks like we have a match!


Unfortunately life’s made of choices…

Everything you need to know about Internal Recruitment