Internal Recruitment Process


Pipefy’s Free Internal Recruitment Process (Candidates Selection) Template was specially designed to help you find the best possible candidate for a position from within the company.

It allows you to gather all your candidates, screen them and schedule interviews as well as provide them with feedback in case you didn’t consider them suitable for that particular position.

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Template structure

See how this template is structured. As this is just an example, you can customize it.

Employees’ Screening

Lear more about each applicant’s past performance and behavior to determine the topics for the first interview!

First Interview

What do you want to know about each of the candidates? Time to ask them!

  1. Interview instructions
  2. Do you have an interview guide?
  3. How to create an interview guide?
  4. Why are you applying for this position?
  5. Why should you be hired?
  6. What do you already know about this position?
  7. What if you’re not selected for this position?

Second Interview

Time to dig deeper! Is there anything else you would like to know before making a final decision?

  1. Second interview checklist
    • Pending items from the first interview
    • Align expectations about salary and benefits
    • Availability to start
  2. How did the interview gou?


Give each candidate feedback on why he/she was approved – or not.

  1. What do you want this candidate to know?


Looks like we have a match!


Unfortunately life’s made of choices…

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