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Pipefy’s 9-box Performance Grid Template allows you to manage your employees’ performance and potential using a proven talent management method. Not only that but our no-code process management platform has features like reports and SLA tracking so you can better analyze employee performance.

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What is the 9-box Performance Grid?

Sales pipeline software enables you to visually track and move leads forward through the sales process using digital technology. By managing your sales pipeline using software you can convert your playbook into something interactive, actionable, and trackable.
Generally pipeline management systems follow a kanban structure that allows you to see what step leads are at currently in the pipeline. This type of visual structure can save sales reps a lot of time by enabling them to keep better track of leads and by using advanced features like automation. However, in order to really take advantage of a sales pipeline software, your team must have a well-defined sales process that is followed and accurately reported on.

The 9-box performance and potential matrix, or grid, is a proven method of helping managers identify and cultivate internal organization talent. Even though it’s relevance is debated today, it is still one of the most adopted tools for employee development.
Generally this talent evaluation method is represented by a grid or matrix, hence its name. In Pipefy however, each grid is represented by a phase in a process. Nonetheless, the evaluation categories are used in the same way.
Each category or grid is meant to account for inconsistency, performance over time, and potential. The method also addresses issues concerning overrating performance based on current or isolated events, or solely on one opinion.

What should you know before getting started?

Before attempting to use the 9-box method, it’s important to define potential and performance benchmarks with those involved in talent management. This will serve to accurately place everyone into the right grid.
Here’s what Dan McCarthy, author of one of the highest ranked leadership and HR blogs online since 2007, has to say about using 9-box method:

The beauty of the tool is in its simplicity and ease of use…I’ve had teams (often engineers) try to overcomplicate it, by adding more boxes, definitions for each box, and all kinds of bells and whistles. It hardly ever improves the process and often distracts from the overall purpose. I’ve only had one senior team where it just blew up, and that’s because there was such a lack of trust.

Dan McCarthy, Great Leadership

In other words, the power of this method is in its simplicity and ability to promote trust through dialog. Regardless of the area of expertise, each grid can be used to evaluate performance objectively and open up room for discussion on how an employee can be supported toward improvement.
In the end, it’s all about helping employees improve their performance and in turn increasing your business’s output.

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What does a 9-box Performance Grid Template look like in Pipefy?

The 9-box Performance Grid Template has 11 phases: Initial Analysis, Talent Risk, Inconsistent Player, Solid Professional, Rough Diamond, Key Player, High Professional, Future Star, Current Star, Consistent Star, and Archive.

To initiate the 9-box Performance Grid process, first you start by filling out a Start Form where you will write the employee’s name, select their department, write their job title, and mark their admission date.
Filling out the Start Form creates a card for that employee and this card will appear in the first phase of the 9-box Performance Grid process automatically. The first phase of this template is the Initial Analysis phase where you describe the employee’s performance.

Choose where a contact or MQL becomes a sales qualified lead and at what point in their contact with the company will they become a part of your sales pipeline.


After considering their performance, you can move the employee’s card into one of the 9-box Performance Grid categories.


Pipefy can serve an interactive grid that can regularly schedule notifications for analysis review. If an employee is ready to be moved to a new performance classification, you can open their card to comment on the employee performance before moving them to a new classification phase.


Evaluating performance using the 9-box method is a great way to determine what kind of support employee’s need to improve, but there are other actions you can take as an organization to improving company-wide employee performance.

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Tips and tricks for improving employee performance

Make bottom-up and top-down feedback the norm

Constructive and non-personal feedback sets the foundation for continuous professional improvement.

Set clear goals

Ensure that every team and individual is aware and inline with measurable and timely goals.

Provide periodic leadership & skills training

Good employees leave bad managers, and low performers improve from skills training.

Clear the way of admin and tech issues

Admin and tech issues can distract an employee from being able to focus 100% on their performance goals.

Work on improving engagement

When employees are engaged they care more about the work they produce and are more invested in their goals.

Share information and numbers

Siloed information can hinder performance and lead to more cases of re-work.

Why use Pipefy to manage talent and implement the 9-box method?

Pipefy is a powerfully customizable process management software that allows users to build and manage processes without IT skills or code. This means our platform is perfect for evaluating and keeping track of performance using any method (not just 9-box), and employees can benefit from improved productivity and time management using our software.
With features like reports and our secure database, you can leverage process data to make incremental improvements that have a compound impact. Using workflow automation, you can save time on tedious tasks and focus on high-value work.

Pipefy enables you to:

  • Automate repetitive tasks and emails
  • Establish SLAs to improve time management
  • Enforce execution standards where needed
  • Track metrics to know who’s performing best and who needs to improve
  • Identify bottlenecks in your processes
  • Sync and connect related processes for smooth cross-functional workflow

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