Labor Relations Negotiation


Pipefy’s Labor Relations Negotiation Template is designed for any company that needs to annually negotiate its labor relations with the union.

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Template structure

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  1. Negotiation year
  2. Assigned HR director
  3. Negotiation agenda

Top management guidelines

  1. Topics to be reviewed before guideline proposal
    • Contingency plan review
    • Trade union scene diagnosis
    • Relationship with public oversight bodies
    • Relationship with community
  2. Date of the defined guidelines
  3. Defined guidelines for the negotiation

Negotiation with the union

  1. Negotiation assignee
  2. Negotiation outcome report
  3. Agreement copy

Collective bargaining agreement voting

  1. Voting date
  2. Number of voters
  3. Votes for agreement approval
  4. Votes for agreement rejection
  5. Was the agreement approved?
    • Yes
    • No
  6. If the agreement was not approved, it should be renegotiated with the union.
  7. After the agreement is approved:
    • Inform everyone in the company by email.

Annual nogotiation closing

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