Performance evaluation | Grading system


The employee will fill out a self-evaluation form by reflecting how was his performance over the past year and what potential he believes there is for the upcoming year.
The supervisor will then evaluate the employee by giving him grades in each of the self-evaluation criteria. As well as giving a final average grade for his performance and potential.
A document with the information will then be sent by e-mail to the employee and to the supervisor to be signed and filed.

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Start form

  1. Employee
  2. Employee’s email
  3. Supervisor
  4. Supervisor’s email
  5. Performance quality and quantity
  6. Customer orientation
  7. Teamwork and cooperation
  8. Leadership
  9. Initiative and determination to reach goals
  10. Determination and risk taking
  11. Change and innovation
  12. Perspective and judgment
  13. Convincing and influencing
  14. Development of people and training

Supervisor’s evaluation

Final grade

  1. Final grade
    • 1L
    • 2L
    • 3L
    • 1M
    • 2M
    • 3M
    • 1S
    • 2S
    • 3S
  2. Supervisor’s notes

Document signature

  1. Final performance evaluation

Employee evaluated

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