SMART is an acronym that can be used to guide goal setting. Pipefy’s SMART Goals Template will help you manage personal development, employee-performance, track progress, outcome and trackability into your goals and objectives.

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Template structure

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Start form


  • 1. Desired objective

  • 2. Goal relevance

  • 3. Department

  • 4. Resources or limits involved

  • 5. Person involved

  • 6. Person involved's email



  • 1. Is this goal clear and specific?

    • Yes
    • No



  • 1. Cost

  • 2. Quantity

  • 3. How will you know when the goal is accomplished?



  • 1. How can this goal be accomplished?

  • 2. How realistic is the goal?



  • 1. Checklist

    • Worthwhile and will meet needs
    • Consistent with other established goals
    • Fits immediate and long-term plans
  • 2. How important is it?



  • 1. Objective's deadline

  • 2. What can be done today?

  • 3. What can be done a month from now?

  • 4. What can be done a few months from now?



Objective accomplished


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