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Tailored to make each department
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  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Success
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Development
  • IT
  • And much more
Example of purchase process' template from Finance department.


Gain full control
over financial

  • Centralize requests, POs and invoices
  • Get approvals and control expenses
  • Customize financial flows to meet your needs
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Example of recruitment process' template from Human Resources department.

Human Resources

Be more efficient
with automated
HR processes

  • Structure a scalable and error-proof department
  • Improve and track performance
  • Centralize candidates’ and employee’s data
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Example of customer onboarding's template from Customer Sucess department.

Customer Success

Streamline your
Customer Service

  • Gain full visibility on your customer life cycle
  • Control & automate customer success workflows
  • Increase your customer satisfaction rates
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Example of marketing requests' template from Marketing team..

Marketing & Sales

Upgrade your
Marketing capacity
and deliver more

  • Receive structured requests and briefings
  • Easily assign responsibilities and track statuses
  • Keep track of leads through the entire funnel
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Example of Agile Software Development's template from Development department.


Coordinate and
control the pace
of your deliveries

  • Track stories and progress in burndown charts
  • Communicate and collaborate with the team
  • Integrate natively with your favorite dev tools
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Example of service request's template from IT team..


Easily manage and
keep track of IT

  • Get structured information to get going
  • Prioritize and assign tickets with agility
  • Track statuses and never miss a deadline
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Example of sales pipeline's template.

And much more

Design the flow, get
work done and
accomplish more

  • Visualize and control all steps along the way
  • Standardize inputs and procedures
  • Automate manual work to focus on what matters
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There’s an easier way to structure
your work and deliver results

Here’s how Pipefy will help you get there


Receive all
requests in a
single place

No more information all over the place. Define how and where you receive demands from employees, customers, vendors and external stakeholders.

  • Portals
  • Email inboxes
  • Integrations
  • Public forms
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Pipefy's new Portals.

Take full control
of process

Don’t get caught by surprise. Easily visualize the entire workflow and keep track of responsibilities, activities statuses and deadlines.

  • Reports
  • Metrics
  • SLAs
  • Conditional rules
  • Required steps and fields
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Example of cards that show your full control of process execution.

Centralize and

Stop toggling between different tools. Centralize all interaction with stakeholders and automate updates, feedback and alerts.

  • Email automation
  • Email client
  • Automation triggers
  • Chat in cards
  • Subtasks
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Example of New Purchase Request's approval.

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