Smart Workflows for Highly Efficient Finance Teams

Achieve better outcomes with full visibility of your operations. Automate and streamline work and engage with vendors, approvers, and colleagues on Pipefy’s pure cloud, intuitive platform for finance process optimization.

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Automation built for every HR workflow

A flexible and customizable financial solution

Accounts Payable ->

Fully control your payables in one place with Pipefy accounts payable software.

  • Control all of your business finances in one place
  • Connect and gain control over financial operations
  • Avoid errors with manual data entries
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Accounts Receivable ->

Build an automated collection flow, and never forget to collect payments again with the best account receivable software.

  • Never forget to collect payments again
  • Have a predictable and reliable cash flow
  • Create error-proof data integrations
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Expense Reimbursement ->

Pipefy expense reimbursement software allows you to receive, approve and pay claims fast and without surprises.

  • Gain control over reimbursement claims
  • Receive structured reimbursement claims
  • Automatically notify approvers and requesters
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Efficiency and control in every step of the way

Create workflows in minutes, insights in seconds

Pipefy AI creates custom processes instantly; all you have to do is ask! Increase your decision-making power by requesting data and information to reveal trends and strategic insights.

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Orchestrate your operations with smart integrations

Integrate Pipefy with your existing tools and systems so information flows automatically. Monitor your entire operation on a single screen and say goodbye to toggling back and forth between spreadsheets and email threads.

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