Customer Service

Improve customer success and CSAT scores with Pipefy CS

Automate emails, streamline customer requests, and standardize your CS processes with an intuitive, easy-to-use, no/low-code customer success software.

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Your job is to help your customers be successful. Our customer success software can help

Automate and integrate your Customer Service processes with an easy to deploy, no/low-code customer success management software, so your team has more time to focus on strengthening their relationships with customers.


Automate your customer service and onboarding processes with feedback messages and checkpoint emails to improve communication with your clients.


Gain full visibility of each new onboarding and monitor every step of the process, support request status, and ensure they are prioritized and tracked according to your SLAs.


Integrate all CS processes with your existing tools, such as CRM, ERP, databases and help desk apps, to ensure information is flowing securely and precisely.

Ensure your team follows pre-set standards and best practices for a perfect onboarding experience.

Easily track and audit the progress of each new onboarding customer with our customer success software.

Automate your processes so you can focus on fostering strong relationships with your customers, not on manual tasks.

Integrate your help desk app and other platforms to maintain full visibility into support ticket status and resolution.

Automate responses to requests to reduce support response times and improve your team’s efficiency.

Create dashboards to analyze key metrics such as time to complete onboarding, NPS rate, average resolution time, time to value and much more.

How Nibo improved their customer onboarding and boosted their CS with Pipefy customer success software

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