The software for controlling your Accounts Payable

Have full visibility of each demand, build an error-proof
process and never deal with delayed bills again.

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The work management platform for Accounts Payable

With Pipefy you will be able to…

From late alert to expired status.

Control due dates of each bill

Have full visibility of your process and stop paying penalties for errors in the process.

SLA Management

How automation works at Pipefy.

Create a standard and error-proof process

Continuously improve your process, handle requests faster and show good numbers.


How customer support works at Pipefy.

Enhance internal satisfaction

Maintain clear communication with requesters and keep them updated on the status of each payment.

Email Templates
Public Form

Forget inefficient and unapproachable platforms.
Pipefy is the best solution for Accounts Payable.

We created Pipefy based on Accounts Payable best practices. Start using it now for free.

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How Pipefy enables you to have the best payments process

SLA Management

Never miss a due date

Seamlessly keep track of your process standard level agreements. You can choose how much time a bill can remain in each phase.

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Customizable Web Form

Easily receive payment requests from other teams

Customize the form to receive all information and documents necessary to have an efficient and mistake-proof process.

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Track and improve your process

Create reports to track your team’s efficiency to continuously improve it. Want to reveal superior results? Pipefy makes it simple.

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Financial teams that trust in Pipefy are far more efficient

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Forget late payment claims.
Gain full control of your process now.

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