Control your Accounts Receivable Process

Gain full visibility and stop losing money. Simpler and more organized than email and spreadsheets, Pipefy will keep your due dates on track.

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The work management platform for Accounts Receivable

With Pipefy you will be able to…

Team connected to each other.

Avoid losing money

Pipefy enables you to create a reliable process. Never forget to collect an invoice again.

SLA Control

Pipefy's platform with its pipes.

Fully control your receivables

Recognize the exact status of each account. Leave the chaos and spiraling email threads behind.


How automation works at Pipefy.

Scale financial processes

Reap productivity, treat more demands without increasing headcount and build a scalable financial department.

Automation rules
Email Templates

Forget chaotic and inefficient collection process. Pipefy is the best solution for Accounts Receivable

We created Pipefy based on the best Accounts Receivable best practices. Use it now for free.

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How Pipefy enables you to have
the best receivables process

SLA Management

Never miss a due date

Easily keep track of your collection process. You can choose how much time an invoice stay in each phase of the process.

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Mandatory Fields

Standardize the receivables

Create the process standards that everyone will follow. With mandatory fields, you avoid errors and the flow only continues when all required information is in place.

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How Pipefy's email works.
How automation works to change status.


Automate manual and repetitive tasks

Pipefy permits you to automatically trigger an action (such as sending a dunning email) when an event takes place (such as when an invoice gets overdue). Secure an error-proof and efficient process.

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