Case Study

How ZEISS increased productivity and process visibility through automation

Learn how the Canadian staffing company streamlined
internal processes to fulfill 300 recruitment requests with an SLA of 48 hours.

About Alliance Employment Group

Alliance Employment Group is one of Canada’s most trusted staffing agencies. The company serves employers and job seekers across a wide range of industries, following a client-first approach to staffing and recruitment. With an in-depth understanding of personnel placement, Alliance offers each client customized services that are aligned with current hiring trends.


Industry: Staffing/Employment 

Company size: 1500+ employees, among internal and external offices on multiple sites across Canada

Departments using Pipefy: Recruiting, Human Resources, Payroll, and Sales

Processes in Pipefy: Onboarding, offboarding, applicant tracking system, hiring, staffing requests, and termination requests

The challenge: Lack of communication and centralization

Established in 2013, Alliance Employment Group (AEG) specializes in meeting the staffing needs of billion-dollar companies involved in multi-million dollar projects. During peak work periods, when numerous customers had ongoing projects, AEG efficiently recruited and managed over 800 employees simultaneously. Additionally, the team handles urgent and significant last-minute staffing requirements, ensuring prompt placement of qualified candidates to fulfill various organizations' needs.


Until 2021, Alliance's recruitment team relied on multiple spreadsheets and email communication to fulfill customer requests. With only four dedicated employees managing the entire Recruiting, Onboarding, and Offboarding processes, their workflows simply could not sustain optimal efficiency.


Bryelle Steffen, Recruitment Manager at Alliance Employment Group, highlighted a major communication challenge the team continually faced. "There was no direct channel for customers to communicate staffing requests to our team. As we expanded our projects nationwide, the existing process lacked efficiency, resulting in wasted time reaching out to customers to confirm minor details. We recognized an urgent need for a stable and accessible tool that could streamline communication for all stakeholders," she emphasized.


Furthermore, the HR team at Alliance Employment Group faced repeated difficulties generating comprehensive reports at the end of each year. They had issues with tracking the number of recruitment requests and the time to complete them, posing challenges in assessing overall performance and progress.

The process primarily relied on numerous Excel sheets, leading to inefficiencies that impacted our pace. Our clients faced challenges confirming minor details, which often extended the timeline of the hiring process.
Bryelle Steffen
Recruitment Manager at Alliance Employment Group

The solution: Centralized processes, higher visibility and fast SLAs

Pipefy’s user-friendly interface and intuitive layout were major factors in Alliance Employment Group’s strategic decision to adopt it as its business process management platform. Right from the start, AEG experienced a significant boost in efficiency within the Recruitment team and a notable improvement in interdepartmental communication. These enhancements facilitated seamless information retrieval and processing, ultimately resulting in increased productivity.


Since implementing Pipefy at the beginning of 2022, Alliance Employment Group has received and completed over 300 recruitment requests from various clients. Bryelle, who uses the software daily in critical processes such as onboarding, hiring, organization, and responses to staffing and termination requests, attests to significant operational efficiency improvement. 


The ability to effortlessly track and monitor recruitment requests originating from various websites emerged as a standout feature. “We now know who sent the request and when it was sent, besides being able to track its progress. Most importantly, we achieved the utmost efficiency in the process, which was my goal from the beginning,” says Bryelle.


Alliance Employment Group teams have an internal goal of completing recruitment requests within 48 hours. Depending on the complexity of the role, the maximum SLA is one week. With 11 active pipes, an average of 20 automation rules, and 27 connections between processes, Alliance Employment Group teams now have comprehensive visibility into each request and customer. Consequently, both clients and applicants experienced streamlined hiring and onboarding processes. 


AEG's overall efficiency was significantly enhanced as essential information and documentation became centralized within the platform. Since adopting Pipefy in early 2022, the team has successfully onboarded over 3,500 candidates. 


In addition to the HR department's utilization of Pipefy for fulfilling recruitment requests from clients, the Payroll team also leverages the platform to expedite the onboarding process for new employees at AEG, enabling faster retrieval of documents and information. Most recently, Alliance Employment Group began implementing Pipefy on the Sales team. 


Thanks to the support provided by Pipefy, Alliance Employment Group has witnessed a marked improvement in efficiency. The team can respond to requests faster while attending to a higher volume of recruiting requests.

It is easier to use one platform for all of our clients. Now, we know exactly who sent a recruitment request, when it was sent, what they are looking for, and track its progress. Candidates now have better experience in their hiring and onboarding processes, as well.
Bryelle Steffen
Recruitment Manager at Alliance Employment Group