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Discover why hundreds of teams choose Pipefy over Kissflow to seamlessly centralize information, automate repetitive tasks and enable collaboration between teams.
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Pipefy dives deeper into your needs

Pipefy is the Work Management platform that empowers "doers" to organize and control their work in a single place, allowing anyone to streamline and automate any business process on their own.

High Complexity Processes

Pipefy can solve problems that are far too complex as our platform has features such as metrics, easy SLA management, approval flows and several other options that will improve your company's processes.

Email Templates

Save time by sending messages automatically with responsive email templates. Pipefy's email template feature provides you with a simple way to update the users involved in any process with automation.


With Pipefy you are completely safe. The Two-Factor Authentication feature takes users' identity safety to a high-level, using a mobile phone two-factor authentication.


With our advanced reports, you can identify processes bottlenecks, analyzing the company's productivity and improving your company's opportunities.

Process Connections

Keep your business on track by connecting processes and automating communication between departments in a single platform.

Data Centralization

Safely centralize and store all of your important information in Pipefy's database. Get a complete overview of what is going on in your process.

Why Pipefy is the best option for you