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Centralize all process particulars

Connect all the processes, tasks and people and gain full visibility to control priorities, statuses and responsibilities.

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Save time

Increase your team’s productivity and boost their results by automating mundane and repetitive tasks and updates.

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Improve collaboration

Connect processes, tasks and information to improve communication and alignment between stakeholders.

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Why Pipefy is the best option for you

Easy access

From day 1, you’ll have free access to our platform and you can determine whether Pipefy resolves your needs.

With Kissflow, free access isn’t possible without first enduring three calls. There is no free account option, just a trial.

Full support

Pipefy has a 90-day-implementation program and an account manager* to help you get the most out of Pipefy.

Kissflow spends less time attending to the user needs.

Requester flexibility

At Pipefy,  external customers can create requests without being paid Pipefy users.

In Kissflow, external customers can’t create requests unless they are Kissflow paid users. 

Fair pricing

With reasonable prices for your business, Pipefy has corresponding plans tailored to your needs.

Kissflow has pre- packaged plans. You’re forced to adapt to the plans they have!

Do-ers around the world are reaping the benefits of Pipefy.

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“Other applications require a lot of planning and agreement from many teams. With Pipefy, we do not depend on or wait on anyone. We model, implement and validate processes whenever necessary.

— Michael Galkovsky

Chief Software Architect at IBM Belgium

More than 50,000 users worldwide are using Pipefy to upgrade their operations.

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