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Pipefy is the Work Management platform that empowers do-ers to organize and control their work in a single place, allowing anyone to streamline and automate any business process on their own.


Kanban View

Keep track of all your team’s activities using visual representations of work that needs to be done during  every step of the process.


Execution Standards

Ensure your team is doing the right tasks, in the correct order, prioritizing the most important demands.


Process Connections

You’ve just closed a new deal, so you need to share customer information with other teams. You’ll be able to do so by using connections.


Avoid Waste

Improve your processes, gain efficiency and avoid wasteful company practices


Email Template

Save time by sending out messages automatically with responsive email templates.


Process Automation

Automate manual steps of your processes to focus on what really matters.

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Why choose Pipefy over Notion?

Do more than just centralize all your work in the same platform. Pipefy enables you to connect processes and boost your team collaboration. Build an execution standard to avoid mistakes and control your company’s performance. Centralize all customer communication and gain full visibility of what’s happening with all your clients.

Easy to use
Fast deploy
IT Independence
Process Management
SLA Management
Process Connection
Email Messaging
Execution Standards
Coditional Fields

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