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Here's why you should choose Pipefy over Process Street to optimize enterprise-level workflows, thanks to its no-code UI, accessible pricing and tons of features.

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Pipefy dives deeper into your needs

Pipefy is the Work Management-focused BPM platform that empowers doers to organize and control their work in a single place. It allows you to share public forms with external stakeholders (even non-users), view advanced reports and dashboards with your process's data, create databases to centralize information and much more. Find out why we're the best out of all Process Street alternatives.

All your process's data at a glance

Pipefy's process management features include advanced dashboards and reports that help you track your team's performance, identify bottlenecks, and have complete visibility over your progress. 

Keep everyone in the loop

Use Pipefy's public forms to receive requests from anyone, even if they don't have an account. Gather additional data at any step of the process, and the request trackers keeps stakeholders updated on the status of their demants.

Optimize and automate

Boost your team's efficiency by automating repeated tasks in your workflows. Use Pipefy's automations to eliminate repetitive tasks from your routine, and integrate natively with other software to take your performance to the next level. 

Why customers choose Pipefy over Process Street

Pipefy Vs Process Street

Why customers choose Pipefy over Process Street

Pipefy Vs Process Street
process street logo
process street logo
No-code workflows
Automatic email templates
Native integrations
Reports on all plans
Automated email templates
Process automation
Request tracker for non-users
Scalable platform

Pipefy is a leader in Workflow Management and Online Form Builder on G2

G2 badge Leader Fall 2021

Orchestrate your operations with smart integrations

Integrate Pipefy to everything from payroll software to ERPs and databases to perfectly connect your entire operations. Control all your processes effortlessly from a single place and say goodbye to confusing spreadsheets and endless email threads.

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