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Pipefy is the Work Management platform that empowers do-ers to organize and control their work in a single place, allowing anyone to streamline and automate any business process on their own. We enhance agility, upgrade efficiency and deliver augmented customer value through optimization of workflows, granting higher quality outcomes.


Kanban View

Keep track of all your team’s activities using visual representations of work that needs to be done during every step of the process.


Centralized data and requests

Centralize all communications and tasks. Add new assignments, items or requests to your pipe via multiple channels.


User-friendly Experience

The best solution not only for managers, but for the whole team. Start making your team more productive today!


Connections Between Processes

Imagine how much time you can save automating communication across all departments.


Easily Customizable

Create and build on processes for customized management of all your team’s activities



They are the easiest way to identify and analyze your process’s productivity and bottlenecks.

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Why choose Pipefy over ProcessMaker?

With Pipefy, anyone can input information to a process, even if they’re not part of the organization. And through automation and integrations, users can say goodbye to repetitive, manual work and focus on adding more value to internal and external customers.

Process automation
Fast deploy
IT Independence
Email Inbox
Task Automation
Process Connections
Kanban View
Friendly user experience

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