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Need help orchestrating sophisticated processes? Want in-depth reports? How about automated emails to keep your team updated? Here's why you should choose Pipefy over Trello.

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Pipefy dives deeper into your needs

Pipefy is the Work Management-focused BPM platform that goes way beyond managing tasks. It offers a full suite of automation, communication, and data centralization tools that you can use to orchestrate multiple, connected processes. All in an easy-to-use package you can set up in minutes.

Automate multiple complex processes

Pipefy helps you go beyond managing simple tasks. Its automation, connection, and integration features allow you to optimize more sophisticated processes than Trello handles, while still offering a similar Kanban view of your workflows. 

Everyone on the same page, always

With Pipefy's robust email automation features, your team and clients are always updated on the status of each request. They're easy to set up and help you ensure clear communication with stakeholders while saving time and streamlining communications. 

All the data you need to thrive

You can use Pipefy's databases to centralize essential information used in multiple processes, creating a single source of truth and ensuring reliability. Pipefy's detailed reports also let you measure and gain insight on your team's performance.

Why customers choose Pipefy over Trello

Pipefy Vs Trello
Kanban view of workflows
Free version
Robust email automation capabilities
Detailed reports
Databases for essential information
Guarantee execution standards
Made for citizen developers
Orchestrate several different processes and departments

Pipefy is a leader in Workflow Management and Online Form Builder on G2

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Orchestrate your operations with smart integrations

Integrate Pipefy to everything from payroll software to ERPs and databases to perfectly connect your entire operations. Control all your processes effortlessly from a single place and say goodbye to confusing spreadsheets and endless email threads.

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