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Asana is a platform that is focused on team collaboration and project management using a timeline view, but it is not as customizable and can’t adapt to the user’s specific needs. Pipefy is a solid choice to improve team management and project management, and that can also be used on different types of processes and other needs.

To improve your task and team management, you need to choose a platform that offers you a complete and safe process, that gives you a highly detailed report and can help you identify your process bottlenecks.

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Pipefy offers your company’s process the possibility of customizing the platform specifically to your needs, so you can fit your processes to your demands.

Based on a Kanban and a Sprint view, Pipefy allows users a simple and easy interaction on the tasks created in each process. This software solution permits a better experience in customizing, running, and managing workflows in a single interface. Pipefy offers tons of free preset task management templates, making the process more efficient. Use Pipefy and improve your company results!

Some reasons why you should choose Pipefy over Asana:

  • Database:  In Pipefy’s information storage system, you can store and retrieve important information for your company’s processes, such as customer, supplier and product records.
  • Customized Public Forms: Different from Asana, Pipefy uses a public form to create the tasks (cards) that can be customized to best describe in detail the user’s needs. These cards can be created by any person who has the public form link;
  • DIY: Easily improve and standardize all your operations using our pre-designed, best practice process templates;
  • Manage your employees: Pipefy ensures managers that their employees are linked to the process are doing their tasks according to specific execution standards;
  • Automation: Pipefy allows you to automate your processes, giving you the speed you need and lets your employees focus on more important things!

Besides being an intuitive interface, Pipefy offers you everything you need to manage your processes. Pipefy does way more than task management. Try it for free!

Pipefy makes it easier


Low-code and native app integrations

Easily integrate with legacy systems, native apps or choose from over 500 apps via Zapier integrations.


Easily customizable

Create and build-on processes for customized management of all your team’s activities.


Centralization of data/requests

Centralize all communications and tasks. Add new assignments, items, or requests to your pipe via multiple channels.


Intuitive platform

Creating processes is easy using our intuitive interface. Team members quickly adapt and learn how to utilize features to their advantage.


Kanban view

Keep track of all your team’s activities using visual representations of work that need to be done at every step of the process.


Fast deploy

With out no-code platform there’s no need to involve IT. Deploy fast and get started right away with customizable process templates.

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Asana alternative | SLA tracking | Automation

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Pipefy vs. Asana

Managing your processes is a lot easier with Pipefy.


Connect Pipefy with the apps you love

Achieve seamless workflow management integrating Pipefy with hundreds of apps using Zapier

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Asana alternative | SLA tracking | Automation

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