Lean for Beginners: An Easy Guide to Learn Lean Management

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If you have just heard about Lean and all of its benefits, but are not quite sure of how the methodology can be applied within your company and how everything works, we can surely help you! Lean jargon (mostly borrowed from Japanese) can be strange at first sight with concepts like 3 Ms, 7 Wastes, Kaizen, Pull System and so on, but there’s no need to fear.

Lean can be described as a set of techniques and methodologies that strive for ultimate waste avoidance, a boost in quality and continuous improvement throughout all processes, regardless of the field within the company. Companies of success such as Amazon and Pixar have implemented Lean practices in their daily activities, and so can you!

Whether big or small, Lean brings improvements across all scenarios. Through the Beginner’s Guide for Future Lean Experts, you will learn each pillar of the Lean Journey and how to utilize its tools. Starting from identifying value, mapping value stream, creating a better flow, establishing pull, and finally, improving continuously. Click below to become a master of  Lean!

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